Today in Royal History | April 4


The Death of Queen Victoria of Sweden in 1930

[Pearl Corsage Brooch | Diamond Stars | Baden Fringe Tiara]

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The Prince of Wales, Duke of Cambridge and Duke of Sussex at Premiere of Our Planet in 2019

The Duchess of Cambridge at Opening Night of 42nd Street in 2017

King Constantine and Queen Anne Marie at the Vatican in 1966

Sir Winston Churchill’s Farewell Dinner in 1955

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Today in Royal History | April 3


The 51st Birthday of the Princess of Venice

[Italian Royal Tiaras]

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The Liechtenstein State Visit to Switzerland in 2019

Count of Barcelona’s 25th Death Anniversary Mass in 2018

Queen Margrethe at the Vatican in 1975

Prince Ranier and Princess Grace at the Seville Fair in 1966

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Today in Royal History | March 28


The Death in Infanta Alicia, Duchess of Calabria in 2017

[Calabria Tiara |Royal Jewels from the Bourbon Parma Family]

The Death of Mary, Princess Royal and Countess of Harewood in 1965

[Harewood Scroll Tiara | Queen Victoria’s Sapphire Tiara | Fringe Tiara]

The Birth of the Duchess of Alba in 1926

[Duchess of Alba’s Tiaras]

The Birth of Queen Ingrid of Denmark in 1910

[Diamond StarsDiamond Pendant | Diamond BroochesDiamond Fan Earrings |Sapphire Brooch | Ruby Bow Brooch]

The Birth of Crown Princess Martha of Norway in 1901

[Silver Wedding Earrings | Emerald Parure Tiara | Boucheron Pearl Circle Tiara]

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The Belgian State Visit to Denmark in 2017

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