Wedding of Baron Glenconner and Lady Anne Coke, 1956

The Wedding of Lady Anne Coke, eldest daughter of the 5th Earl of Leicester and Lady Elizabeth Yorke, and the Hon. Colin Tennant, the son and Heir of the 2nd Baron Glenconner, at St Withburga’s Church, Holkham, followed by a reception at Holkham Hall, the family seat of the Earl of Leicester. Guests included the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret, while Antony Armstrong-Jones, the Princess’s future husband, was the wedding photographer. The couple had a tumultuous marriage but had five children and became Lord and Lady Glenconner in 1983, residing between The Glen, the Glenconner Family Seat in Scotland, St Lucia, and Mustique, which was developed by Lord Glenconner. Listen to Lady Glenconner talking about the Wedding and her (shocking) honeymoon:

“On 21 April 1956 we got married in St Withburga’s Church on the Holkham estate. Once again, I stood on the marble stairs, just as I had done for my coming-out dance, but this time in my Norman Hartnell wedding dress, with the very handsome Coke diamond necklace, instead of my debutante dress made from a parachute, and I breathed it all in. This time I wasn’t rushing off to offer champagne to the workers, having not been asked to dance. This time I was the bride of Colin Tennant, the socialite of our generation, on the verge of being an independent married woman.


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