Princess Alexia’s Diamond Tiara

Happy 52nd Birthday to Princess Alexia of Greece and Denmark. As eldest daughter of the King and Queen of Greece and the niece of Queen Margrethe of Denmark and Queen Sofia of Spain, Princess Alexia has attended a plethora of tiara events. In honour of her birthday, take a look at her personal Diamond Tiara-

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Wedding of Princess Alexia of Greece

Happy 18th Anniversary to Princess Alexia of Greece and Carlos Morales Quintana, who got married on this day in 1999 in London. The eldest child of King Constantine and Queen Anne Marie of Greece, Princess Alexia’s wedding was attended by a large royal contingent. The couple have four children and live in Spain. Take a look at scenes from their wedding below- Continue reading

Wedding of Prince Ernst August of Hanover

Prince Ernst August of Hanover, the Hereditary Prince and elder son of the Prince of Hanover, married Ekaterina Malysheva on July 8th at the Marktkirche in Hannover. Among the guests were numerous members of European Royalty and Nobility. The wedding has created a bit of controversy recently, as the Prince of Hanover, father of the Groom, spoke out against his son in the days leading up to the wedding, and refused to give permission for the marriage. Continue reading

Wedding of Juan Carlos and Sofia of Spain, 1962

Happy Wedding Anniversary to King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia of Spain, who got married in Athens on this day 55 years ago. The wedding between the then exiled Infante Juan Carlos of Spain and Princess Sofia of Greece brought together the biggest gathering of royalty (exiled and reigning) since the wedding of Queen Elizabeth II in 1947, and had multiple lavish events. The couple have three children, King Felipe, Infanta Elena, and Infanta Cristina, and eventually succeeded to the Spanish Throne in 1975, ruling until he abdicated in 2014. On May 14, 1962 itself, there were two religious ceremonies, a Catholic one, and an Orthodox one. Take a look at scenes from their wedding below- Continue reading