Queen Frederica of Greece

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Today marks the 100th Birthday of Queen Frederica of Greece, who was born on this day in 1917. The daughter of the Duke of Brunswick and Princess Victoria Luise of Prussia, Princess Frederica of Hanover was the only female-line granddaughter of Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany. In 1938, she married her mother’s cousin, Crown Prince Paul of Greece. The couple had three children, now King Constantine of Greece, Queen Sofia of Spain, and Princess Irene of Greece. They succeeded to the Greek Throne in 1947, as King Paul and Queen Frederica of the Hellenes, and reigned till his death in 1964. She was instrumental in preventing a Communist takeover, but was quite unpopular. In 1967, Dowager Queen Frederica left Greece with the rest of the Royal Family after a failed counter-coup by King Constantine, living in Rome and in India. Eventually, she spent her time between her sons home in the UK and her daughter’s home in Spain. Queen Frederica died in 1981 of a heart attack. She was buried beside her late husband in the Royal Cemetery at Tatoi Palace. King Constantine and his family were permitted to attend but had to leave immediately after the burial.

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