Portuguese Royal Tiaras

Happy Birthday to the Duchess of Braganza, who turns 51 today! Despite being Heads of a deposed Royal Family, the Duke and Duchess enjoy a semi-official role in Portugal, which dictates their presence at ceremonial events, including State Banquets. Thus, the Duchess has more Tiara events than her fellow deposed royal ladies. In honour of the Duchess’ birthday, we are taking a look at the Portuguese Royal Tiaras-  Continue reading


Queen’s Engagement Ring

Happy Platinum (70th) Anniversary to the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh! With one of the largest jewellery collections in the world, the Queen is always adorned with valuable and historic jewels. In honour of the very special anniversary of the longest-married royal couple, we are taking a look at the Queen’s most personal jewel- her diamond engagement ring. Continue reading

Liechtenstein Royal Tiaras

Happy 50th Birthday to Hereditary Princess Sophie of Liechtenstein, who turns 50 today! As the one of the richest reigning families, the Princely Family of Liechtenstein have relatively few Tiaras at their disposal, due to, as Luxarrazi puts it: “lost properties after World War II, the financial straits, the fact that you’d likely sell tiaras before da Vinci paintings, the reorganisation of the wealth and them now being one of the richest reigning families.” In honour of Hereditary Princess Sophie’s 50th Birthday, we are taking a look at the Liechtenstein Royal Tiaras- Continue reading

Japanese Imperial Tiaras

Happy Birthday to Empress Michiko of Japan, who turns 83 today! The Japanese Imperial Family only adopted ‘Western’ dress in the 19th century, and tiaras of the family have a distinctly ‘white’ theme with each female member getting a parure on her 20th birthday or marriage into the family. One of the best dressed women in the world, in honour of Empress Michiko’s Birthday, we are featuring the Japanese Imperial Tiaras- Continue reading

Brunei Royal Tiaras

The Sultan of Brunei will celebrating his Golden (50th) Jubilee in a series of lavish events this week. As one of the richest royal families of the world, though from a culture where tiaras aren’t the norm, the jewels belonging to the family feature extraordinary large stones in modern settings. In honour of the Jubilee, we are taking a look at the Tiaras of the Brunei Royal Ladies-  Continue reading