Lady Pamela’s Diamond Bow Brooch

Happy Birthday to Lady Pamela Hicks, who turns 93 today! The younger daughter of Lord Mountbatten, first cousin of the Duke of Edinburgh and the Queen’s bridesmaid and lady-in-waiting, who married a influential interior designer, Lady Pamela has had a fascinating life, and after featuring the Pearl and Diamond Tiara she reportedly still owns as well as the Mountbatten Tiara and the Mountbatten Art Deco Diamond Necklace, which she doesn’t, today we are taking a look at another illustrious jewel: her Diamond Bow Brooch!

Mountbatten Tiara | Pearl and Diamond Tiara | Art Deco Diamond Necklace | Diamond Floral Necklace | Diamond Bow Brooch

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This splendid antique Diamond Brooch originates from the collection of Lady Pamela’s mother, Edwina, the 1st Countess Mountbatten, and likely belonged to her own mother, Amalia Cassel, the only child of the international magnate Sir Ernest Cassel, whose fortune Countess Mountbatten inherited. The Brooch is one of the few heirloom jewels inherited by the Countess that were not modified, and it was notably worn to the Wedding of Lady Pamela and David Hicks in 1960.

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Lady Pamela inherited the Diamond Bow Brooch, along with the Mountbatten Tiara and her mother’s Art Deco Diamond Necklace, the following month, after her mother’s sudden death on her honeymoon.  She was pictured wearing the Bow Brooch a few times int he 1960s and 1970s, most notably for a Concert in 1962.

The Diamond Bow Brooch reappeared last year, when Lady Pamela wore it for the Wedding of her daughter, India Hicks, and her long-time partner, David Flint Wood, at the Brightwell Baldwin Church in Oxfordshire, continuing the tradition of her mother. A few weeks later, the ‘British Royal Jewels‘ account asked for the provenance of the brooch during an Instagram Live and Lady Pamela answered that it had belonged to her mother. Lets hope we see this splendid Brooch worn again soon!

The Mountbatten Tiara | Pearl and Diamond Tiara | Art Deco Diamond Necklace | Diamond Floral Necklace | Diamond Bow Brooch


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