Sotheby’s Fine Jewels | 3 December 2020

Continuing our series of features on the major European Auction Houses’ annual autumn Royal and Noble Jewellery Sales, here are the Royal and Noble Highlights from the Sotheby’s Fine Jewels in Geneva tomorrow! Continue reading

Christie’s Collection of Gloria, Dowager Countess Bathurst | 22 July 2020

Christie’s is auctioning the collection of the late Dowager Countess Bathurst in the magnificent ‘Gloria: Property from the late Dowager Countess Bathurst’ Sale in London today, which features a plethora of glittering Hierlooms among the lots, which are being sold by the two friends the late Countess left her Estate to, not her stepson, the current Earl Bathurst. We are featuring all the Jewels being auctioned today and next week.

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