Royal Ascot 2017- Day 2

The British Royal Family attended the second day of races at the Ascot Racecourse on June 21st. Click HERE to keep updated on our Royal Ascot coverage. Earlier in the Day, the Queen Opened Parliament. The Duke of Edinburgh was admitted to the hospital the previous evening as a precautionary measure for treatment of an infection. Continue reading


Garden Party at Buckingham Palace

The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh hosted the third and last annual Garden Party of 2017 at Buckingham Palace on June 1st. There are four annual Garden Parties hosted by the Queen at Buckingham Palace and the Palace of Holyrood House for around 30,000 guests yearly, as well as a few special others. Click HERE to take a look at the first Garden Party, and HERE to check out the second Garden Party.  Continue reading

UK India Reception

The Queen gave a reception to mark the launch of the UK India Year of Culture 2017 at Buckingham Palace on February 27th. She was joined by the Duke of Edinburgh, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the Earl of Wessex, Princess Eugenie and and other members of the Royal Family.The reception brought together the best of British and Indian culture and creativity, in honour of the 70th anniversary of India’s Independence this year. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited India last year. Continue reading

Royal Tiaras 2016

As part of our Year in review series, we take a look at the the Royal Tiaras of 2016. With the grand 70th Birthday celebrations of King Carl XVI Gustav to the guests at the Albanian Royal Wedding in October, this year has been filled with Royal Tiaras. Here we will look at the Tiaras from each country. This is by no means a comprehensive list, as we haven’t covered Japan or exiled royal families, but it includes events we have covered on this blog. If you have more to add to this, feel free to contact us. As always, click on the highlighted words to get to the comprehensive post on the Tiara or event. Continue reading

British Royal Tiaras 2016

2016 was quite a low key tiara year in Britain, compared to 2015, when their were six tiara appearances for the Queen, five tiara appearances for the Duchess of Cornwall, and two tiara appearances for the Duchess of Cambridge. This year the Queen and Duchess of Cornwall repeated their tiaras, which combined with the Spanish State visit in March being canceled and the Queen not making an outgoing summer State Visit, left many Royal Watchers disappointed by the lack of glitter. As always, click on the underlined words to get to the comprehensive post on the Tiara or event. Continue reading