Cambridge Sapphire Parure

Today marks the 105th Anniversary of the Death of Princess Augusta of Cambridge, Grand Duchess of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, who died on this day in 1916! The longest-lived grandchild of King George III, who was the Consort of a German Grand Duke and a close mentor to her niece, Queen Mary, the Grand Duchess possessed an iconic Jewellery Collection, which included today’s feature; The Cambridge Sapphire Parure! Continue reading

Today in Royal History | December 5


The Death of King Michael of Romania in 2017

The Death of Queen Fabiola of Belgium in 2014

[Spanish Wedding Gift TiaraWaterfall Brooch|Tunisian Parure|Aquamarines]

The Death of Princess Alice of Greece in 1969

[Princess Andrew’s Meander Tiara | Queen’s Engagement Ring  | Wedding Gift Bracelet]

The Birth of King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand in 1927

The Death of Princess Augusta, Grand Duchess of Mecklenburg-Strelitz in 1916

[Cambridge Lover’s Knot Tiara | Cambridge Sapphire Parure]

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Royal Film Performance of ‘1917 in 2019

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in Cyprus in 2018

Diplomatic Reception at Buckingham Palace in 2017

The Queen’s 80th Birthday Dinner in 2006

Queen in Gambia in 1961

The Italian Royal Family at the Vatican in 1929

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Bavarian Sunburst Tiara

Today marks the 75th Anniversary of the death of Infanta Maria de la Paz, Princess of Bavaria, who died on this day in 1946 after falling from the stairs! Infanta Paz was the third daughter and fourth surviving children of Queen Isabella II of Spain and King Consort Francisco de Asís. In 1883, she married her first cousin, Prince Ludwig Ferdinand of Bavaria. The couple lived a long and happy marriage that produced three children. They lived a quiet and simple life in Nymphenburg Palace, in Munich. The Infanta was a beloved member of both her Borbón and Wittelsbach family, about who everyone always spoke with affection. She dedicated her life to her family, to charitable work, and to the arts, writing books and poetry. To mark the anniversary, we are featuring her Fleur de Lys ‘Sunburst’ Tiara! Continue reading

Today in Royal History | December 4


The Death of Cynthia, Countess Spencer in 1972

[Spencer Honeysuckle Tiara | Spencer Tiara]

The Death of Infanta María de la Paz of Spain, Princess of Bavaria

[The Bavarian Sunburst Tiara]

The 83rd Birthday of Princess Anne, Duchess of Calabria

The Birth of Princess Anne of Denmark in 1917

[Diamond Tiara | Turquoise Star Tiara | Garnet Kokoshnik Tiara]


The Wedding of King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium in 1999

[Queen Mathilde’s Wedding Earrings]

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Diplomatic Reception at Buckingham Palace in 2018

The Prince of Wales in Nepal in 1980

Queen in Sierra Leone in 1961

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Today in Royal History | December 3

The Death of Fortune FitzRoy, the Dowager Duchess of Grafton in 2021

[The Duchess of Grafton’s Tiara]

The 16th Birthday of Prince Sverre Magnus of Norway

The Death of Prince Andrew of Greece in 1944

The Death of Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyll in 1939

[Argyll-Kent Daisy Brooches]

The Death of Princess Victoria of the United Kingdom in 1935

[Diamond Tiara | Queen Alexandra’s Wedding Tiara]

The Birth of Edith, Marchioness of Londonderry in 1878

[Marchioness of Londonderry’s Tiaras]

The Birth of Grand Duchess Louise of Baden in 1838

[Baden Palmette Tiara | Diamond Floral Tiara]

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NATO 70th Anniversary Reception at Buckingham Palace in 2019

Prince Harry in Guyana in 2016

The Raj Ball in London in 1984

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