Royals at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Under usual circumstances, there are a plethora of Royals at the Olympic Games, not only to support their nations but many also as members of the IOC (International Olympic Committee), but due to the ongoing pandemic, there is limited Royal attendance at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic, which we will be featuring on this page every day of the games. Continue reading

Grand Duchess Maria-Ana’s Pearl Négligée Brooch

Today marks the 160th Anniversary of the Death of Grand Duchess Maria-Ana of Luxembourg, who was born on this in 1861! Born Infanta Maria-Ana of Portugal, daughter of the deposed King Miguel of Portugal, she grew up in the Austro-Hungarian Empire before marrying the Grand Duke of Luxembourg and having six daughters, two of whom became Grand Duchesses, among them Grand Duchess Charlotte. After serving as Regent of Luxembourg between 1908 to 1912, Grand Duchess Maria-Ana lived mainly at Schloss Hohenburg in Bavaria, before joining the Grand Ducal Family when they fled Europe into exile in the United States, where she passed away in 1942. To mark the anniversary, we are featuring one of Grand Duchess Maria-Ana’s most splendid heirlooms, her Pearl Négligée! Continue reading

Grand Duchess Maria Theresa’s Wedding Earrings

Happy 40th Anniversary to Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg, who got married on this day in 1981! The Consort of the world’s only Grand Duchy, the Grand Duchess has access to an enormous collection of heirloom jewels, but to mark the Anniversary, we are featuring a very personal and sentimental piece- Grand Duchess Maria Theresa’s Wedding Earrings!

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