Baptism of Prince Liam of Nassau

Prince Liam of Nassau, son of Prince Felix and Princess Claire of Luxembourg and grandson of the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Luxembourg, was baptised at St. Peter’s Cathedral at the Vatican on April 22nd. Most members of the Grand Ducal Family were in attendance. Continue reading


Queen Beatrix’s 60th Birthday

King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands will celebrate his 50th Birthday on April 27th. Though the royal family will be in Tilburg on the 27th, they are hosting a Gala Dinner Royal Palace in Amsterdam for 150 guests. In honour of the occasion, we are flashing back to previous Dutch royal milestone birthdays. Today’s feature- Queen Beatrix’s 60th Birthday in January 1998. Celebrated over two days, the events were attended by many foreign royals. Take a look below at some of the guests- Continue reading

Wedding of Jean of Luxembourg and Josephine-Charlotte of Belgium

Today marks the 64th Wedding Anniversary of Hereditary Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg and Princess Josephine Charlotte of Belgium, who got married on this day in 1953. A marriage arranged by the bride’s grandmother, Queen Elisabeth of Belgium, and the groom’s mother, Grand Duchess Charlotte of Luxembourg, both were in love with other people and in the video below you can hear the newsreader describing the bride as pale and drawn, and collapsing after the ceremony, which led to the honeymoon being postponed. Eventually the marriage was happy. The couple had five children and succeeded to the Grand Duchy in 1964. Grand Duke Jean and Grand Duchess Josephine-Charlotte reigned until 2000, when he abdicated in favour of their son. Grand Duchess Josephine-Charlotte died in 2005, after a long battle with lung cancer, and a 52-year marriage. Take a look at some of the scenes from the wedding below: Continue reading

Wedding of Filippos Lemos and Marianna Goulandris

Greek socialites Filippos Lemos and Marianna Goulandris got married at the Orthodox Cathedral of St. Sophia in London on February 4th. Two Kings, four Queens, six Crown Princes and Princesses, and twelve Princes and Princesses from British, Dutch, Spanish, Iranian, Greek , Luxembourgish, and Yugoslavian royals families were in attendance. Several Royal children served as members of the bridal party. Continue reading