Infanta Pilar’s Sapphire Tiara

This week marks the 85th Birthday of the late Infanta Pilar of Spain, Duchess of Badajoz, the elder sister of King Juan Carlos. The late Infanta possessed a spectacular jewellery collection, and over the last few days leading up to the anniversary, we have been featuring some of the most splendid piece, finishing with Infanta Pilar’s Sapphire Tiara! Continue reading

Miller Fringe Tiara

Happy Birthday to Princess Maria Olympia of Greece and Denmark, who turns 25 today! The eldest grandchild of King Constantine and Queen Anne-Marie and a goddaughter of the Prince of Wales, who studied photography at Parsons and has modelled for Dolce & Gabbana, Princess Maria Olympia is the only Greek Princess of her generation, and owns this spectacular Tiara, which is not a Royal Heirloom but a piece that comes from her wealthy maternal family!    Continue reading

Dutch State Visit to Germany

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima of The Netherlands are on a State Visit to the Federal Republic of Germany at the invitation of Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, from July 5th to the 7th, which was originally scheduled for June 2020. The State Visit is a confirmation of the good relations between the two countries, politically, economically, scientifically and culturally. As a neighbouring country, Germany is the Netherlands’ most important trading partner, an ally in the European Union, the United Nations and NATO. The State Visit, with a particular focus on the city of Berlin, concludes a series of regional visits that the King and Queen have made to Germany since 2013Continue reading

Portuguese Star Tiara

Today marks the 110th anniversary of the death of Queen Maria Pia of Portugal, mother of King Carlos I and grandmother of King Manuel II, who died on this day in 1911. Born a Princess of the House of Savoy, daughter of Italy’s unifier, Victor Emmanuel II, she married King Luis I of Portugal at age 15, and served as the Queen, Queen Mother, and Queen Grandmother of Portugal. The Queen was known for her temperament, for being extravagant and a huge spender, famously saying “If you want a Queen, you have to pay for her!”, but also for her charitable works. To mark the day, we are taking a look at her Diamond Stars Parure! Continue reading

Queen Maria of Yugoslavia’s Gold Cross Tiara

Today marks the 60th Anniversary of the Death of Queen Maria of Yugoslavia, who died on this day in 1961! The Romanian Princess who married the first Yugoslavia King that was assassinated and later became the mother of the last King of Yugoslavia before spending decades in exile in the United Kingdom, Queen Maria lived a fascinating life, and possessed an intriguing jewellery collection, the most striking piece from which was her Gold Cross Tiara!

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Hesse Star Tiara

Today marks the 110th Anniversary of the Birth of Princess Cecilie, Grand Duchess of Hesse, who was born on this day in 1911! The Duke of Edinburgh’s sister who married the Hereditary Grand Duke of Hesse and died in a tragic plane crash, Princess Cecilie possessed some splendid jewels, the most prominent of which was the Hesse Strawberry Leaf Tiara, but today we are revealing exclusive information about the spectacular Hesse Star Tiara!

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