Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in Sweden

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are on a four-day Official Visit to Sweden and Norway, from January 30th to February 2nd, at the request of the Foreign Office. They will be hosted by members of the Royal Families of the two countries.  Continue reading


Icelandic State Visit to Sweden- Day 2

President Guðni Th. Jóhannesson and First Lady Eliza Jean Reid of Iceland are on their first State Visit to Sweden from January 17th to 19th, where they are guests of the Swedish Royal Family. The Presidential Couple have already been on State Visits to their fellow Nordic neighbors of Denmark and Norway. Click HERE for Day 1. Continue reading

Royal Galas 2017

It’s that time of year again! For the next few days leading up to the New Year, we will have a series of ‘Year in Review’ articles, compiling and featuring the Royal highlights of 2017. While the (quite rare) White Tie and Tiara events get a lot of attention, the (more frequent) Gala or Black Tie events are usually forgotten. Today we are taking a look at some of the Royal Black Tie and Gala events of 2017- Continue reading