Princess Muna’s Tiaras

Happy Birthday to Princess Muna of Jordan, who turns 80 today! The British commoner who was the  as the second wife of King Hussein, she remains a valued member of the Jordanian Royal Family as the mother current King Abdullah II of Jordan. As the Jordanian Queen for 10 years, Princess Muna wore a variety of jewels, so to mark her 80th birthday, we are featuring Princess Muna’s Tiaras (and a necklace)!

Diamond Scroll Tiara

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Featuring large antique diamond elements, in a graduated frame, this diamond tiara was acquired by King Hussein around the time he married Queen Muna in 1961. She notably wore the Tiara for the Wedding Ball of King Constantine of Greece and Princess Anne Marie of Denmark in 1964, as well as a State Visit to France in 1964, a State Visit from Tunisia in 1965, and a State Visit from Malaysia in 1965.

Queen Muna also wore the Diamond Scroll Tiara at the Banquet to celebrate 2500th Anniversary of the Persian Empire at Persepolis in 1971, just a few weeks before she got divorced from King Hussein, though she seems to have retained her jewels. More recently, the Diamond Scroll Tiara was worn by Princess Muna’s youngest daughter, Princess Zein Bint Al Hussein, for a State Banquet at the Royal Palace of Oslo during the Jordanian State Visit to Norway in 2000.

Diamond Loop Tiara

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In 1962, King Hussein gave Queen Muna this diamond loop tiara, similar to one once owned by Queen Marie of Romania, which could also be worn as a necklace. The Tiara was most notably worn during a State Visit from Pakistan, and also on a State Visit to the United Kingdom in 1966, alongside a variety of Gala events in the late 60s.

The Diamond Loop Tiara was also worn King Hussein’s younger sister, Princess Basma, at the Banquet to celebrate 2500th Anniversary of the Persian Empire at Persepolis in 1971, and in 1990, it was worn by King Hussein and Princess Muna’s elder daughter, Princess Aisha, at her wedding to Zaid Saad Eddin Jumaa.

Diamond Fringe Tiara

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Queen Muna also wore this modern Diamond Fringe Necklace, which she wore as a Tiara for a couple of gala events in the mid-1960s, most notably at a Banquet hosted by President De Gaulle at the Elysee Palace during the King and Queen’s State Visit to France in 1964.

Diamond Wedding Necklace

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A bonus jewel if this splendid Diamond Necklace, which Princess Muna wore for the first time at her wedding in 1961, and also wore it with all the aforementioned tiaras. It has not been seen since the mid 1960s, but probably still belongs to Princess Muna.


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