Queen Victoria’s Strawberry Leaf Tiara

Made for Queen Victoria, this stunning tiara was given to her youngest daughter, and worn by her daughter, Queen Ena of Spain, and daughter-in-law, the Marchioness of Carisbrooke, before disappearing from public view after the 1930s. It’s current whereabouts are unknown. Continue reading


Devonshire Parure

The Dukes of Devonshire are one of the wealthiest and most illustrious aristocrats in England, with a magnificent collection based at Chatsworth House, and being featured in ‘Treasures from Chatsworth, Presented by Huntsman,’ an original video series produced by Sotheby’s. Episode 11 of the series focuses on the Devonshire Parure, and gives information which differs from the information we knew previously about the parure. We previously covered the Tiaras in the collection of the Devonshire’s HEREContinue reading

Duchess of Devonshire’s Tiaras

My favorite author and socialite Her Grace Deborah, Dowager Duchess of Devonshire (also known as Debo) died on this day two years ago. The youngest of the infamous Mitford sister, she married Lord Andrew Cavendish in 1941, unexpectedly becoming Duchess of Devonshire in 1950, after the deaths of her father- and brother- in-law. Deborah is most well known for preserving the Devonshire’s family seat, Chatsworth House, and turning it into a major tourist attraction. Today we will take a look at some of the glittering tiara’s she wore during her tenure as a Duchess. Continue reading