Funeral of King Constantine II of Greece

Royal Guests from around the world joined the Greek Royal Family for the the Funeral of King Constantine II of Greece at the Metropolitan Cathedral in Athens at noon on January 16th, which will be followed by the Burial in the Royal Cemetery at Tatoi Palace. The former King Constantine II was an Olympic Gold Medalist before becoming the Sovereign for nine years and then being exiled for over 40 years, returning to Greece only a decade ago. Continue reading

Arco-Zinneberg Sapphire Earrings

Happy Birthday to Countess Olympia von und zu Arco-Zinneberg, the Princess Napoléon, who turns 35 today! The illustrious Countess, a descendent of the Habsburg, Savoys, and Wittelsbachs, married to the Head of the House of Bonaparte, Princess Napoléon wears an enormous Diamond Engagement ring from Empress Eugénie, which was dramatically stolen and recovered, and since we have already covered the Savoy-Aosta Choker/Bandeau Tiara, today gives us the perfect opportunity to feature the Arco-Zinneberg Sapphire Earrings! 

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Duchess of Brunswick’s Köchert Diamond Devant-de-Corsage

Today marks the Anniversary of the Death of Princess Sophie of Greece and Hannover, who died on this day in 2001! The sister of the late Duke of Edinburgh, Princess Sophie was married first to Prince Christoph of Hesse and then after his untimely death during the Second World War, married Prince George William of Hanover, being a constant presence at GreekBritish, and German Royal events throughout the 20th century. To mark the anniversary we are featuring the Duchess of Brunswick’s Köchert Diamond Devant-de-Corsage, which was sold at Auction earlier this month!

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Hesse Medieval Emerald Tiara

Today marks the 85th Anniversary of the Death of the Hesse Royal Family, who died in a tragic plane crash enroute to London for a family Wedding! The crash killed not only the Grand Duke Georg Donatus of Hesse-Darmstadt, his wife, Princess Cecilie, Grand Duchess of Hesse, and their sons, Prince Ludwig, and Prince Alexander, but also his mother, Dowager Grand Duchess Eleanor, but the family heirlooms they were taking to London survived the crash in a strongbox, so thus we are featuring a jewel worn by both Grand Duchess Eleanor and Princess Cecilie; The Hesse Medieval Emerald Tiara!

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