Princess Ingeborg’s Pearl Brooch

Today marks the Anniversary of the birth of Princess Ingeborg of Sweden and Denmark, who was the mother of Queen Astrid of BelgiumCrown Princess Martha of Norway, and Princess Margaretha of Denmark and is the grandmother and great-grandmother of King Harald V of NorwayKing Philippe of Belgium, and Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg. To mark her birthday, we are taking a look at her magnificent Pearl Brooch- Continue reading

Crown Princess Margareta’s Egyptian Necklace 

Today marks the anniversary of the death of Princess Lilian of Sweden, who died on this day in 2013! The Welsh Actress who waited 30 years to marry her Swedish Prince and became a beloved member of the Swedish Royal Family, Princess Lilian possessed an amazing collection of jewels and to mark the anniversary, we are taking a look at Crown Princess Margareta’s Egyptian Necklace. Continue reading