Princess Ingrid Alexandra’s 18th Birthday Banquet

Foreign Royal Guests joined the Norwegian Royal Family for Princess Ingrid Alexandra’s 18th Birthday Banquet at the Royal Palace in Oslo on June 17th, as part of her delayed 18th Birthday Celebrations. Princess Ingrid Alexandra turned 18 in January, but the celebrations were delayed due to the pandemic, with a Gala Dinner hosted by the Norwegian Government yesterday.

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King Harald V and Queen Sonja hosted the Banquet to celebrate Princess Ingrid Alexandra’s 18th Birthday at the Royal Palace of Oslo, beginning with the Royal Family and Guests posing for Official Portraits, ahead of the Procession with the Foreign Royal Guests through the Speilsalen, Small Dining Room, Small Ballroom, and the Great Ballroom into the Banqueting Hall. The King, Queen and Princess Ingrid Alexandra gave Speeches ahead of the Dinner, while the Crown Prince and Crown princess, as well as the Princess’ maternal grandmother gave their speeches later. The Banquet was followed by a Polonaise in the Ballroom.

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The extended Norwegian Royal Family were led by Princess Ingrid Alexandra (wearing Princess Ingeborg’s Boucheron Pearl Circle Tiara with the Order of St. Olav and the Royal Family Order of King Harald V of Norway) along with King Harald V (wearing the Order of St. Olav and Royal Norwegian Order of Merit) and Queen Sonja (in the  Norwegian Emerald Parure), as well as Crown Prince HaakonCrown Princess Mette-Marit (wearing the Diamond Daisy Bandeau), Marius Borg HøibyPrince Sverre MagnusPrincess Märtha Louise (in King Olav’s Gift Tiara and her Tanzanite Suite) and Princess Astrid (wearing Queen Alexandra’s Turquoise Circlet).

The Foreign Royal Guests were led by Princess Ingrid Alexandra’s godparents; King Felipe VI of Spain, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark (wearing the Midnight Tiara), and Crown Princess Victoria (in the Laurel Wreath Tiara) and Prince Daniel of Sweden, with Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar.

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The other leading Royal Guests were King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima of the Netherlands (wearing the Stuart Tiara) with the Princess of Orange (in the Dutch Diamond Star Tiara and Order of the Netherlands Lion), as well as Queen Mathilde of Belgium (wearing the Wolfers Necklace Tiara) and the Duchess of Brabant (in a Mystery Tiara and the Order of Leopold), and Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie of Luxembourg (wearing the Grand Duchess Adélaïde Tiara) with Prince Charles.

Former Monarchies were represented by Crown Prince Pavlos and Crown Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece (in Queen Sophie’s Diamond Tiara) with Prince Constantine Alexios, Princess Maria Olympia (wearing the Miller Fringe Tiara), and Prince Aristides, as well as Prince Kyril of Bulgaria, Katharine Jibba Butler, and Rosario Nadal with Princess Mafalda-Cecilia, Princess Olia, and Prince Tassilo.

The Norwegian Royal Court released new images of Princess Ingrid Alexandra wearing Princess Ingeborg’s Boucheron Pearl Circle Tiara with the Order of St. Olav and the Royal Family Order of King Harald V of Norway. She wore a gown worn by her mother to the British State Banquet in 2001.


One thought on “Princess Ingrid Alexandra’s 18th Birthday Banquet

  1. How splendid everyone looked! I’ll bet everyone was delighted to finally be able to enjoy happy events like this one again. Princess Ingrid Alexandra was beautiful! I was not surprised to see her wearing the Boucheron Pearl Circle tiara, since it had just been gifted to her by Princess Raghild’s children. That was such an elegant and lovely gesture on their part. In addition, that tiara has impeccable provenance since it belonged to Princess Ingeborg, Princess Ingrid Alexandra’s great great grandmother. It was lovely to see the future queens wearing their first tiaras! I don’t know if Princess Estelle was actually wearing a tiara, but it did look like a bejeweled diadem. In general, the tiara choices were not too surprising except for two: Princess Marie Chantal busted out Queen Sophie’s Diamond tiara which has been seen only once in recent memory, and Princess Elisabeth of Belgium was wearing a Mystery tiara. Now that is indeed a mystery! I have never seen that tiara before, so I’m thinking it might have been acquired just for her. Either that or it was hidden in a vault deep in Belgium’s palace and just recently discovered! Whatever the case, it is quite substantial and she looks lovely in it! And can totally fawn over little Prince Charles of Luxembourg? He’s such a sweet little cherub!

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