Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden

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Happy Birthday to Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, who turns 40 today. The eldest child of King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia, she was not eligible to inherit the throne upon birth, until 1980, when Sweden adopted absolute primogeniture, in which the eldest child of the monarch succeeds regardless of gender. Crown Princess Victoria’s younger siblings are Prince Carl Phillip and Princess Madeline. Educated in Sweden, France, and the United States, she has basic military training, and has served in diplomatic roles for the past 20 years. In 2010, she married her former personal trainer, Daniel Westling. The Crown Princess Couple have two children, Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar. Currently, Crown Princess Victoria undertakes an extensive program of Official engagements, in support of her parents, and representing Sweden abroad. I wish HRH a very Happy Birthday and many Happy Returns!

A couple of events will take place on the Crown Princess’s 40th Birthday, and a few documentaries have been released. Stay tuned for coverage on those events, and meanwhile take a look at a few of those documentaries, which feature interviews by Crown Princess Victoria.

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2 thoughts on “Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden

  1. She seems to be such a nice young woman. She has had her troubles, having to cope with some very serious health issues, but thankfully she has learned to manage them. I really wish her joy!

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