Princess Märtha Louise of Norway

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Happy Birthday to Princess Märtha Louise of Norway! Born the eldest child of then Crown Prince Harald and Crown Princess Sonja of Norway, she has a younger brother, Crown Prince Haakon. Educated in Norway, she operates her own business but still undertakes some official duties on behalf of her parents. Princess Märtha Louise has drawn criticism after claiming that she can communicate with animals and angels and has also published a book titled; Why Kings and Queens Don’t Wear Crowns. In 2002, she married Ari Behn. The couple have three daughters: Maud, Leah, Emma and separated in 2016. We wish HRH a very Happy Birthday and Many Happy Returns!

The Jewels of Princess Märtha Louise of Norway | King Olav’s Gift TiaraTanzanite Suite | Wedding Brooch | Pearl Choker | Moonstone Suite | Diamond Chandelier Earrings | Diamond Necklace

Princess Märtha Louise wore her Moonstone and Diamond Suite in a series of portraits released to mark her 50th Birthday in 2021.

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King Olav’s Gift Tiara

Queen Maud’s Pearl Tiara

Norwegian Amethyst Tiara

Queen Alexandra’s Diamond Circlet

Princess Märtha Louise’s Tanzanite Suite

Princess Märtha Louise’s Wedding Brooch

Princess Märtha Louise’s Pearl Choker

Princess Märtha Louise’s Moonstone Parure

Princess Märtha Louise’s Diamond Chandelier Earrings

Crown Princess Märtha’s Silver Wedding Earrings

Princess Märtha Louise’s Diamond Necklace

Queen Maud’s Seed Pearl Choker

Queen Sonja’s Aquamarine and Amethyst Suite


“The Americans have no idea what a monarchy is, so it’s not surprising that he doesn’t understand. He thought he could do what he wanted without any of us being affected. The Americans don’t understand the significance of this, they don’t.” then Queen Sonja said “But he has understood that now, that we stand together on this”

Both the king and queen point out that they experience Verrett as listening, and that they have had good and pleasant conversations that have brought the family closer together.

“Even if we disagree on things, we are very fond of each other. And that is the most important thing. I have the feeling that we are now very close to each other”

“It is nice to see that Princess Märtha and Durek Verrett have a good time together. We can see that. He is a great guy and very fun to be with”

“She is our daughter and she will continue to be. So she is Princess Märtha Louise” said The King

“I am very sorry that the princess will no longer represent the royal house, she was very good at it”

“She has enjoyed these tasks, so of course it is a shame that you have to give it up, and I think she is sorry for that. It’s a loss for her. Yes, and for us”

We are using this platform because we are defining the separation between me as a Princess of Norway and as a business woman.

1. I am stepping down from my official duties as a patron for various organizations.
2. I will continue the separation between my Princess role and my business role, refraining from using my Princess title, only Märtha Louise, in business ventures, and my fiancé, Durek Verrett, is following suit.
3. The process with the family has been amicable and loving.
4. Durek Verrett will follow tradition and not receive a title when we get married. Durek will not represent the Royal House, but will be present at family occasions in addition to some sport events, as is tradition.
5. Durek has always wanted to support the Royal family and me.
6. Durek has a right to his autonomy and to speak his mind like everyone else.
7. We both believe in the school of medicine, but that alternative medicine can be a great supplement in addition to school medicine.


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