Princess Ingrid Alexandra’s 18th Birthday

Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway, the second-in-line to the Norwegian Throne, is celebrating her 18th Birthday today! While most of the formal events, including two Gala Dinners with many royal guests, have been rescheduled for late Summer, there were still a series of events held today!

UPDATE: The Norwegian Royal Court has released the Official Guest Lift for Princess Ingrid Alexandra’s 18th Birthday Gala Dinner at the Royal Palace of Oslo on June 17th:


In the morning, Princess Ingrid Alexandra (wearing her Ruby Heart Pendant) joined King Harald and Crown Prince Haakon for her first weekly Cabinet Meeting, with the Prime Minister and Government Ministers personally offering their congratulations. Later, Princess Ingrid Alexandra received representatives of the Sami Parliament, the state administrators, the diplomatic corps, the Armed Forces, the Church of Norway, the Co-operation Council for Religious and Philosophical Societies and the Central Association of Local Authorities, to personally offer their congratulations and offer gifts.



Later, King Harald appointed Princess Ingrid Alexandra as a Grand Cross of the Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olav and also awarded her his House Order in a private ceremony at the Royal Palace of Oslo. The Norwegian Royal Court also shared two portraits of the Norwegian Royal Family at the Royal Palace.

The Norwegian Royal Court has released 5 new portraits to mark Princess Ingrid Alexandra’s 18th birthday, which were were taken in the White Salon at the Royal Palace in Oslo. The Norwegian Royal Court released two new photographs earlier this week when they announced that Princess Ingrid Alexandra has her own office at the Royal Palace in Oslo in preparation for official life.


Yesterday, Princess Ingrid Alexandra today visited the Storting, the Government and the Supreme Court, mating key figures of the legislative, executive and judicial branches of the Norwegian Government, which she will one day lead as Head of State.

Princess Ingrid Alexandra is the goddaughter of Crown Prince Frederik of DenmarkCrown Princess Victoria of SwedenKing Felipe of Spain, and Princess Märtha Louise of Norway so they also posted their Birthday Messages.


Princess Ingrid Alexandra gave her first Interview to NRK:

She calls herself the great-granddaughter. Love to surf and ski. Is creative, full of ingenuity and courage. Engaged and happy to discuss.

The mother wants her to train as a doctor.

The choice of education is open. But the job is decided. Princess Ingrid Alexandra was born to be Norway’s queen.

Has she ever considered whether she would say no?

– I am very grateful for the opportunity I have, and think that I can do a lot with it. One can of course dream away and wonder what a completely different life would have been like. I do too. But that’s not the life I live, so it’s hard to imagine not being in the role I’m in.

She smiles gently.

– I’m still young, and it’s a long time before I’ll become queen … So it’s a bit in the cards that I intend to do it.

– That you will take on the role of queen when the time comes?

– Yes, that is the plan so far.

The Queen’s School

With that plan comes a historic buzz. Princess Ingrid Alexandra is the first girl born as heir to the throne in Norway.

She was four months old when she was on the Castle Balcony on May 17 for the first time – then on her mother’s arm.

At the age of six, she made her debut on the international royal stage, when she was the bridesmaid in Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden’s wedding.

See quick questions for Princess Ingrid Alexandra

– What is it like to be 18?

– It does not feel very different. It may be a little more responsibility, but then it means even more freedom as well, so I look forward to it. Maybe could travel alone and could drive a car and stuff. I’m really looking forward to that.

LOOKING FORWARD: Princess Ingrid Alexandra is looking forward to more freedom when she now turns 18 years old.


– What kind of responsibility will there be more of?

– There will probably be more expectations about how to behave, and that you make better choices when you are 18 than when you were younger, perhaps.

– Do you feel that there are more expectations for you now?

– Yes , I do. But I think everyone feels a little like that. I feel that being 18 is quite similar to most others being 18. It’s not that much extra … Nothing but that there may be more media focus and attention around me. That’s what I’m least looking forward to.

– But I hope that there will not be such a big difference from how it has been so far. I have been quite sheltered and hope that it can continue a little longer, even if I turn 18. But I think it’s just important to be myself and make good choices. And then you make a mistake, I’m still young even though I’m 18.

IN FOCUS: After a sheltered youth, Princess Ingrid Alexandra is now taking a step into the public eye.


– Mom wants me to train as a doctor

She is sitting on a light sofa inside her office at the Castle. It was clear shortly before the 18th anniversary.

Dus-rosa flowers, a white rocking chair and white tiled stove. A white meeting table and light chairs. A modern speaker and a whiteboard. The latter was one of the few clear wishes the princess had for the office – which is currently mostly used for school work.

– Is it the case that you write math problems on that board?

– Yes, that was actually exactly what we did last time. Then I had some friends, we practiced for the math exam.

School student and teenager. Heir to the throne. Currently in that order. Because the princess is “just” just that, a princess and not a crown princess, the day of authority does not entail any major changes in her royal role and duties.

She has a year and a half left in high school. School and education are still the first priority.

– I think it is especially fun this year, since we have chosen some subjects ourselves. I like social geography very much. And chemistry and English and … I am very fond of many of my subjects.

She laughs when she is asked which subjects she likes the least. Says jokingly that maybe she should not hand it over.

– What are the plans after high school?

– Of course I have a plan in mind, but it changes quite often. So I may not really want to share it with the public yet, because it can change. And then I think that I then set up a certain amount of expectation for myself, which it might be wise to avoid, the princess says with a smile.

Could there be any hints in the TV series she likes at the moment – the lawyer series “Suits”, “White collar” and “The Good Doctor”?

– Is there anything about the medical profession or the legal profession that …?

The princess laughs.

– Mom wants me to train as a doctor, but we’ll see.

OWN OFFICE: Ahead of the 18th anniversary, the princess has got her own office at the Palace.


The military

When the F16 plane took off from Bodø in mid-December, it was with a royal, young guest in the back seat. She who becomes Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces when she one day becomes Queen of Norway.

FLYING HIGH: Princess Ingrid Alexandra became one of the last in Norway to fly an F-16 in Norway.


She was to control the levers herself for part of the trip. See the kingdom from the air. Over Evenes, over «Norway’s national mountains» Stetind – towards Bardufoss, down towards Lofoten and back into the sea areas around Bodø.

Pretty cool, the princess describes it as herself.

A few weeks before, she had visited the Hunter Troop in the Armed Forces’ special command on Rena. Wearing military uniform and trained in skydiving.

VISITED THE HUNTERS ‘TEAM: When Princess Ingrid Alexandra one day becomes Queen of Norway, she will also be Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.


– I learned extremely much about the military on those trips. It was also my first official assignment alone. Both visits were wonderful and very educational.

– Does that mean that it will be the military on the princess after high school?

– I would rather not answer that.

As a monarch, you are the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces . Do you have to be in the Armed Forces to be able to be queen?

– I have military service on an equal footing with everyone else, but it does not say anything in the Constitution that I need a military education. So not because of my role at least.

On the other hand, what is stated in the Constitution is that the monarch must belong to the Church of Norway. When the state and the church were to be separated, King Harald thought it was natural for the monarch to continue to be a member of the Church. That’s how it turned out.

– It is stated in the Constitution, and I relate to that just fine. It has not been a big problem for me, says Princess Ingrid Alexandra.

HISTORICAL: Princess Ingrid Alexandra is the first female heir to the throne born in Norway.



The girls take over the monarchies

It is eventually the girls who will take over the monarchies in Europe. Princess Ingrid Alexandra is one of several female heirs to the throne who are now soon adults.

Someone to share experiences with about a job that very few others are aware of.

– I am so lucky that I have many heirs of the same age in Europe now, so I hope that we can use each other eventually, says the princess.

– We have quite a lot of contact, especially with Sweden and Denmark. We were visiting Victoria and Daniel and Estelle and Oscar this summer, it was very nice.

– You peers, is it the case that you communicate on Snapchat – do you have a separate group for the young royals in Europe?

– Not yet, the princess laughs.

– Maybe it will come eventually. It’s been a long time since we’ve gathered everyone because of the corona.

This is how the princess role is limited

When the little heir to the throne was born at 09.13 on 21 January exactly 18 years ago, it was a proud, newlywed father who met the press at Rikshospitalet in Oslo. Crown Prince Haakon smiled and laughed when he told that he and the Crown Princess had had a little daughter – a princess.

He was, like most parents, almost bursting with pride.

– She is the most beautiful and nicest girl in the whole world, he said.

THE HERITAGE OF THE THRONE: Princess Ingrid Alexandra will one day take over the throne from her father Crown Prince Haakon.


57,000 children were born in Norway in 2004. Only one of them was to inherit the country. And had to have the government’s formal approval of the name.

” In consultation with His Majesty the King, we have decided that her name will be Her Royal Highness Princess Ingrid Alexandra, and I will ask for the Prime Minister’s approval,” said Crown Prince Haakon when he met the government in cabinet the day after his birth.

It’s hard to say when the little girl realized she was a princess. It has always been a part of her.

– Do you sometimes think that “I can not do this because I am a princess”, for example when you are out among people?

– Yes, of course I try to make good choices. But I think that’s something everyone is trying to do.

– So you do not feel that the princess role limits your life?

– In a way. But I’m just trying to make the best of it. I have to limit a little what … I can not have social media and stuff that is out, and I limit pictures taken by me. I try to do that just because I want to have a relatively normal upbringing and not be so much in the media, at least during this time here.

– Does the princess read what is written about her?

– Yes, of course. There is a lot of social media and such – it is impossible to shield yourself completely. And I read quite a lot, even though I might not, says Princess Ingrid Alexandra.

She describes privacy as very important to her. That there is something she wants to protect in the future as well.

– One of the things that the press in Europe likes to write about when they mention the royals, is who they are with. What do you answer when people ask if you have a boyfriend?

– I think it is part of my private life, and it is very important to me that it stays in my private life, so I do not intend to tell so much about it.



The role models

At home she’s just Ingrid. The girl in the middle of a sibling group of three, with big brother Marius and little brother Prince Sverre Magnus.

Now both they and the cousins, the daughters of Princess Märtha Louise and Ari Behn, mean something very special to the princess.

– Some of my biggest role models are, among others, my cousins, Maud, Leah and Emma. They’ve been through some of the toughest things I think a child can go through. And they are still so positive and happy and make the best of all situations. I really look forward to that, says Princess Ingrid Alexandra.

– And then of course there are my brothers, who I look up to very much. Magnus, my little brother – I have seen him go from small and shy to big and adult. He has proper control over his affairs now, she says.

– And then there is Marius, who I may have always looked up to. Not necessarily because he’s so cool or things like that, but maybe more because of the loyalty he shows to other people.

– Your brothers and cousins – what do they think about you calling yourself the grandchild, as the king has said?

– No, they probably also think that they are the grandchildren, but they are wrong, she says with a twinkle in her eye.

Royal «music video»

Humorous and imaginative. A family that laughs a lot together, says the princess herself. What makes her laugh?

The princess finds her mobile phone and shows it.

– These are videos I was not allowed to post. And maybe it was good, she says and smiles, before she presses the start button.

Watch the princess’ “music videos”

An exclusive music video. The Hereditary Princess, the Little Prince and the Crown Prince with caps, dancing to Admiral P. Or Ingrid, Magnus and Haakon.

Crown Princess Mette-Marit has described a very special bond between Crown Prince Haakon and Princess Ingrid Alexandra. The same dark humor. And that they understand each other in a way that only the two of them can.

– What does a normal everyday life look like for the princess?

– I’m pretty grumpy in the morning, and Dad tends to make me coffee sometimes. It makes me in a slightly better mood, says Princess Ingrid Alexandra.

– Does he bring it to bed?

– No, in the car please. He drives us to school, since we live so far away. After school I might work a little on homework, hang out with friends, go for a walk or go skiing … Things like that.

– Do not know if I deserved the NM title

“You have loved nature since you were born,” Crown Prince Haakon told his daughter when she was confirmed.

“It is nature that gives you peace and control. When you speed down into the woods on skis. When you surf far out there alone. Then you are fearless. “

The princess’ wish is to be able to travel a lot after high school. Japan is high on the list. Because it is an interesting country – and because there is good powder snow there, she says.

– What do you like so much about skiing?

– Maybe it’s the community. I have many girlfriends who go skiing with me, and we have a lot of fun together and come up with all sorts of weird things. We have gone on surfing trips together, on ski collections and trips and sometimes compete abroad.

The friends were present when one of the gifts the princess received for the confirmation, a surfing course, was to be realized in the autumn of 2020. It all ended with the princess becoming Norwegian champion.

She laughs when NRK mentions it.

– There was no one to participate in the surf NM of girls in our age group, so then they simply asked if we would join the NM. And we thought it was great fun, so we joined. One of my friends who participated had surfed twice in her life, sort of … But we joined anyway, and then I won. And then it became a little bigger thing than I might have thought, then.

“Here, Princess Ingrid Alexandra takes NM gold”, you could read on almost all the country’s online newspapers. The princess thus joined a proud sports line in the family.

– It was a fantastic experience to be part of it, says the princess.

– But you laugh because …?

– I do not know if I deserved that NM title completely, the princess answers and laughs.

– But NM title is NM title!

Make climate choices in your own life

At the age of five, Princess Ingrid Alexandra became the royal environmental ambassador.

The very first public assignment was with Environmental Agents at Slottsplassen to mark World Environment Day in 2009.

She still carries her commitment to climate and the environment with her.

– What climate choices does the princess make herself in everyday life?

– I eat little meat. Of course I do not do enough, but I think the most important thing is that everyone does a little and tries to do it better than they have done before, she says.

The Crown Prince and Crown Princess have themselves told of a generally very committed princess. One who loves to discuss around the dinner table – so much so that they sometimes get bored.

– I recognize myself in that, says the princess and nods in confirmation.

– What was it you discussed last that made your parents bored?

– I do not remember. They get bored quite often. There are often things I bring from school and stuff. Talking about space and politics and everything. In the end, mum usually leaves, then I know she’s tired, she says and laughs.

– One thing is to be able to discuss things around the dinner table at home with her loved ones, but can the princess mean something in public?

– I can mean a lot in public. Just not things that are politically controversial. We are going to do assignments where we visit different places, and then it is important that we are not partisan or have taken a party political side.

– Does it also mean that the princess can not go on a demonstration train?

– No, I’m not allowed by my dad.

– Is it also because of the royal role?

– You have to ask him about that, she says smiling.

The unifying symbol

She was seven years old when her father, Crown Prince Haakon, spoke to the sea of people who lifted their roses to the sky a few days after the July 22 terror. “Tonight the streets are filled with love.”

The Crown Prince addressed the young people: “You are our corrective, our courage and our hope. It is you who will shape and decide which Norway we will have in the years to come. “

It is this generation that Princess Ingrid Alexandra will one day become head of state for. The unifying symbol of the country.

She still remembers fragments of July 22 well.

– I remember that we sat in the cabin and listened to the radio about what had happened. And then I remember very well when we laid flowers in front of the Cathedral, and the atmosphere that was there. Although my generation was quite young when this happened, I definitely feel that it has affected us.

Last summer, she was with Utøya’s parents to mark that it was ten years since the attack.

– It was a very strong experience. Although we talked about other things when we took the boat over to the island, it was a very special atmosphere. It was noticed that something gloomy had happened there. But at the same time it was very nice to be there, and it is important to remember, so that we do not make the same mistakes again.

The road to the throne has begun.

When she one day becomes crown princess, she – like her great-grandfather, grandfather and father – will sign the royal oath.

It says: “I promise and swear to rule the Kingdom of Norway in accordance with its constitution and laws, so help me God Almighty and omniscient.”

– Some believe that the monarchy is old-fashioned and undemocratic. What do you answer to that?

– I think it is not our job to decide. We must simply leave it up to democracy. Then we get to do our part.


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