Wedding of Tsar Simeon II of Bulgaria

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Bulgarian Royal Tiaras

Happy Birthday to Tsaritsa (Queen) Margarita of Bulgaria, who turns 82 today. The consort of the exiled Tsar Simeon II of Bulgaria, Queen Margarita is the daughter of Spanish aristocrats who were executed during the Spanish Civil War. She married Simeon in 1962, in Lausanne, Switzerland, and had five children. Simeon and Margarita finally returned to Bulgaria in 1996, and the former Tsar was even appointed Prime Minister from 2001 to 2005. Tsar Simeon and Tsaritsa Margarita currently reside in the grounds of his childhood home, Vrana Palace in Sofia. To celebrate her birthday, we will take a look at the tiaras worn by Tsaritsa Margarita. Continue reading