Princess Astrid of Norway

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Happy 85th Birthday to Princess Astrid of Norway, the older sister of King Harald V. Born in 1932 to then Crown Prince Olav and Crown Princess Martha of Norway, Princess Astrid was named after her maternal aunt, and godmother, Queen Astrid of Belgium. Another godmother was the then Duchess of York (later the Queen Mother). During WWII, the Princess, along with her mother and siblings, fled from the Nazis first to Sweden and later to the US, where they spent the war before returning to Norway in 1945. After the early death of her mother in 1954, Princess Astrid became the ‘First Lady’ of Norway first for her grandfather, King Haakon, and then for her father, King Olav, doing official duties and hosting state visits until her brother’s marriage in 1968, which made then Crown Princess Sonja the First Lady of Norway.In 1961, Princess Astrid married Olympian Businessman Johan Ferner, with the couple having five children and many grandchildren before she was widowed in 2015. Princess Astrid continues to be a hardworking member of the Royal Family, carrying out official duties and attending State events. In honour of her Birthday, the Norwegian Royal court released two official portraits and another photo from her 85th Birthday Gala with the King, Queen, Crown Prince, and Crown Princess. We wish HRH many Happy Returns.

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