Christening of Prince Constantine Alexios of Greece, 1999

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The Christening of Prince Constantine Alexios of Greece, eldest son of Crown Prince Pavlos and Crown Princess Marie Chantal and the eldest grandson of King Constantine and Queen Anne Marie, in a Greek Orthodox Ceremony at St. Sophia’s Cathedral in London on this day in 1999. His godparents include Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark (first cousin, once removed), then Crown Prince Felipe of Spain (first cousin, once removed), Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden (first cousin, twice removed), Prince William (third cousin), Princess Alexandra zu Fürstenberg (maternal aunt), Prince Nikolaos of Greece (paternal uncle), and Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia (third cousin). A special attendee was Queen Ingrid of Denmark, the great-grandmother, who passed away the following year.


3 thoughts on “Christening of Prince Constantine Alexios of Greece, 1999

  1. I wonder if Prince William keeps up with his godson. He was quite young when he became a godfather. 🙂

    1. He was at his wedding, but I haven’t publicly seen Prince Constantine Alexios with Prince William otherwise, though they probably do meet at family events!

      1. I imagine you’re right. Constantine Alexios is not in the “royal radar”, so there are few, if any, photographs.

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