Spanish State Visit to Norway, 1982

The Norwegian Royal Family host King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia of Spain on their glittering State Visit to Norway on this day in 1982, the highlight of which was a State Banquet hosted by King Olav V (wearing the Order of Charles III) in honour of King Juan Carlos (wearing the Order of St. Olav) and Queen Sofia (in the Mellerio Shell Tiara and the Order of St. Olav) at the Royal Palace of Stockholm. Crown Prince Harald, (in the Order of Charles III), Crown Princess Sonja (wearing the Emerald Parure Tiara and the Order of Isabella the Catholic)) and Princess Astrid (in Queen Alexandra’s Turquoise Circlet and the Order of Isabella the Catholic) were also present.

There was also a Return Banquet hosted by King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia (wearing the Floral Tiara) in honour of King Olav V, Crown Prince Harald, Crown Princess Sonja (in Queen Josefina’s Diamond Tiara) and Princess Astrid (wearing her Aigrette Tiara), as well as a Gala Performance attended by King Juan Carlos, King Olav V, Queen Sofia (in the Prussian Diamond Tiara), Crown Prince Harald and Crown Princess Sonja (wearing Queen Maud’s Pearl Tiara), and Princess Astrid (in the Aigrette Tiara).


3 thoughts on “Spanish State Visit to Norway, 1982

  1. Wow! Each of the royal ladies attended three galas in a different tiara each time! Now we can’t even get a gala with one tiara, let alone three! Maybe we’ll get at least one tiara event whenever the current Spanish sovereigns do their state visit. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

      1. Rats! I was hoping that we would have a new one in the next year or so since this is a new monarch. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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