Today in Royal History | May 29


The Death of Lady May Abel Smith in 1994

[The Jewels of Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone]

The Death of Queen Nazli of Egypt in 1978

[Diamond Tiara | Van Cleef & Arpels Diamond Necklace]

The Birth of Princess Irmingard of Bavaria in 1923

[Bavarian Sapphire Floral Tiara | Bavarian Lover’s Knot Tiara]

The Birth of Doreen Knatchbull, Baroness Brabourne in 1896

[Brabourne Tiara]

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The Baptism of Rosario Fitz-James Stuart in 2021

Queen Mathilde at Queen Elisabeth Piano Competition in 2021

Spanish Armed Forces Day in 2021

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary in Sweden in 2017

The Engagement of Princess Anne and Mark Phillips in 1973

The Monte-Carlo Centenary Ball in 1966

The Queen with King Olav of Norway in 1959

The Christening of Queen Elizabeth II in 1926

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Today in Royal History | May 28


The Death of the Duke of Windsor in 1972

The 55th birthday of the Duke of Argyll

The 66th Birthday of the Countess of St Andrews

[Kent Pearl and Diamond Fringe TiaraSapphire Flower Brooch]


The Wedding of Lady Charlotte Wellesley in 2016

The Wedding of Princess Eugenie of Greece in 1938

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Power & Image: Royal & Aristocratic Tiaras in 2022

The Duke of Cambridge at Colonel’s Review of Trooping the Colour in 2022

The Confirmation of the Princess of Asturias in 2021

The Swedish State Visit to Indonesia in 2017

Confirmation of Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark in 1981

The Prince of Wales becomes Great Master of the Order of the Bath in 1975

Royal Visit to the Circuito del Jarama in 1971

The Queen in Germany in 1965

The Thai State Visit to Japan in 1963

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Today in Royal History | May 27


The Wedding of Crown Prince Hamzah of Jordan in 2004

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Closing Ceremony of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland in 2021

The American State Visit to Japan in 2019

The Christening of Prince Oscar of Sweden in 2016

Queen Máxima’s 40th Birthday Concert in 2011

The Mexican State Visit to Sweden in 1980

The Order of the Bath Service in 1982

General Assembly of the Church of Scotland in 1977

The Coronation Ball at the Royal Albert Hall in 1953 

Royal Events Today

Teck Turquoise Tiara 

Today marks the Anniversary of the Birth of Queen Mary, who was born on this day in 1867! The Teck Princess who lived through the reigns of six monarchs and was the Queen Consort for twenty-five years, as well as a Queen Mother to two Kings and the Queen Grandmother to Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Mary assembled much of the British Royal Family’s spectacular Jewellery Collection, which includes the Teck Turquoise Tiara!

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Today in Royal History | May 26


The 55th Birthday of Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark

The Birth of Queen Mary in 1867

[Queen Mary’s Crown | Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara | Vladimir Tiara | Delhi Durbar Tiara | Cambridge Emerald Parure | Lover’s Knot Tiara | Fringe Tiara | Gloucester Honeysuckle Tiara | Teck Turquoise TiaraCambridge Sapphire Parure | Iveagh Tiara | Amethyst Tiara | Ladies of England Tiara | Surrey Fringe Tiara | The Jewels of Queen Mary]

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Crown Prince Frederik’s 50th Birthday | Gala Dinner at Christiansborg Palace in 2018

Crown Prince Frederik’s 18th Birthday in 1986

Concert at the Austrian Legation in London in 1937

The Coronation of Tsar Nicholas II in 1896

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Today in Royal History | May 25


The 41st Birthday of Princess Viktoria of Bourbon-Parma

[Ears of Wheat Tiara | Antique Pearl Tiara]

The 57th Birthday of Princess Laurentien of The Netherlands

[Dutch Laurel Wreath Tiara | Dutch Emerald Parure | Queen Emma’s Diamond Tiara | Dutch Emerald Pendant | Diamond Star Brooch]

The Birth of Princess Helena in 1846


The Wedding of Prince Dushan of Serbia in 2019

The Wedding of King Hussein of Jordan in 1961

The Wedding of Princess Birgitta of Sweden and Prince Johann Georg of Hohenzollern in 1961

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Garden Party at Buckingham Palace in 2022

 Jordanian Independence Day in 2021

Jordanian Independence Day in 2019

The Funeral of Duke Friedrich of Württemberg in 2018

Banquet at Claridge’s Hotel in 1995

The British State Visit to Sweden in 1983

Princess Alexandra in Sweden in 1962

The Wedding Ball of Princess Birgitta of Sweden and Prince Johann Georg of Hohenzollern in 1961

Crown Princess Ingrid arrives in Copenhagen in 1935

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Garden Party at Hillsborough Castle

King Charles and Queen Camilla hosted a Garden Party at Hillsborough Castle in Belfast on the afternoon of May 24th, on the first day of a two-day visit to Northern Ireland, which is their first visit following their Coronation this month. There are usually four annual Garden Parties hosted by the Royal Family at Buckingham Palace and the Palace of Holyrood House for around 30,000 guests yearly, as well as a few special others, which include this one at Hillsborough Castle, the Official Royal Residence in Northern Ireland. Continue reading