Danish Royal Family in London, 1948

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The Danish and British Royal Families attend a series of events in relation to the opening of the Danish Exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London on this day in 1948. At the start, King Frederik, Queen Ingrid, and Queen Alexandrine were welcomed by King George VI, Queen Elizabeth, and Queen Mary at the Liverpool Street Station. Later, King Frederik, Queen Ingrid, and Prince Flemming of Denmark were joined by Queen Mary, and the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester for the Opening of the Exhibition. Queen Mary, Queen Alexandrine of Denmark and Prince Flemming attended a Gala Performance a few days later, while the Anglo-Danish Society hosted a Reception with an exhibition on Danish Art in the Tapestry Room of the Victoria & Albert Museum a few weeks later, attended by Queen Elizabeth (wearing Queen Mary’s Fringe Tiara), the Duke of Edinburgh, Princess Margretha of Denmark, Princess Margaret, and Princess Mary, Countess of Harewood.


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