Prince Michael of Greece

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Happy Birthday to Prince Michael of Greece, who turns 79 today! The son of Prince Christopher of Greece and Princess Francoise of Orleans, Prince Micheal is the first cousin of the Duke of Edinburgh, the late Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent, Princess Paul of Yugoslavia, Queen Helen of Romania, the Duchess of AostaPrincess Margarita of Hohenlohe-LangenburgPrincess Theodora, Margravine of BadenGrand Duchess Cecile of Hesse, and Princess Sophie of Hanover, and the Count of Paris. Orphaned at quite an early age, Prince Micheal lived with his maternal family before moving to Athens after reaching the age of majority, and performing official duties for King Paul and King Constantine. In 1965, he married a well-known painter and sculptor, Marina Karella, giving up his rights to the Greek Throne. Prince Michael is one of my favorite authors, with books like The White Night of St. Petersburg (2000) and Sultana (1983). He regularly gives interviews relating to his royal heritage and also writes an interesting blog, with stories of his travels and family. Prince and Princess Michael have two daughters (including the Duchess of Apulia) and five grandchildren. They live between Paris and Greece.

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For more information, check out:

Prince Michael Chronicles 



3 thoughts on “Prince Michael of Greece

  1. I have read his stories and seen videos with his comments about royalty. They are fascinating because he gives you an insider’s view of things. Like the story of why King Pedro I of Brazil found it difficult to find a wife after the death of his first wife P. Maria Leopoldina. He tells the kind of things you don’t ordinarily find in history books. I wish him joy!

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    1. Please, he’s a lazy, horrible writer. No sources, writes drivel, and never backs up anything. What kind of man uses “retard” in his writing? Check out Amazon – there’s some crack comments about his terrible writer and unsubstantiated sources.


  2. He’s a HORRIBLE writer – a very lazy, unaccomplished one actually. His books rely on unsubstantiated 2nd and 3rd hand “sources” from other books – never backed up in indexes, bibliographies, you name it. More name dropping than any backed up sources. The usual Greek family arrogance, laziness, and stupidity must be shining through. For instance, check out his “biography” about Charlotte and Maximillian of Mexico. He spent more time in his dedication to his relatives than backing up his claims. If he was a bright, decent author, he would have seen that there are bright people who will see through his simple-minded fiction passing as a legitimate biography. Some of his claims are just obnoxious, salacious drivel that he found from extreme far-right writers like Paul Belien, who wrote one of the worst and ugliest books about the Belgian royal family I have ever read. Remember, these are the ancestors of the relatives Prince Michael claims to honour. And of course, not even mentioned as a source. He seems to be one of those people who wants to be known to have merit, yet cannot even be bothered to make an effort. It’s a shame when unsubstantiated nonsense is passed over as historical fact, when it’s really just the imaginations of weak, lazy authors at work. And what kind of cultured, decent and intelligent man uses the word “retard” in his book? I guess there is a reason why the Greeks voted for independence.


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