The Aristocracy

The British Aristocracy has experienced more upheaval in the last century than ever before in its long and proud history. The BBC series, ‘The Aristocracy’, examines at the life and decline of British Aristocracy from 1875 to 1997, featuring exclusive interviews with a host of illustrious Aristocrats. Continue reading

My Years With The Queen

In this one-off documentary for ITV, Lady Pamela Hicks, the daughter of Lord Mountbatten, great great-granddaughter of Queen Victoria, first cousin to Prince Philip and a second cousin to the Queen, talks about her incredible life growing up within the Royal Family and her close relationship with the Queen, as her childhood friend, bridesmaid and later as her Lady in Waiting. Continue reading

Cooking for the Crown

In ‘Cooking for the Crown’, celebrity chef Christian Bauer travels around the globe to interview and prepare specific home-cooked dishes for the Royal Families of Balasinor, Cambodia, Bali, Solo, Rajpipla, Maori, Nagoya, and Japan, taking them down memory lane and learning their history with food, culture, and family, before introducing his own take on their renowned cuisine.

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