Lord Mountbatten: A Man for the Century

Recently, we shared the trailer of upcoming British-Indian historical drama film, Viceroy’s House, featuring the palatial seat of the the British Indian Government during the tenure of the Lord Mountbatten, the Last Viceroy of India. This documentary series, which focuses on the life of Lord Mountbatten, narrated by the man himself, gives a detailed account of his extraordinary life. Born in 1900 in Windsor, to Prince and Princess Louis of Battenberg, Louis counted the Empress of Russia as his aunt and Queen Victoria as his great-grandmother, as well as most of the crowned heads of Europe as close relations. In 1917, after the discontinuation of German titles, he became Lord Louis Mountbatten, having a distinguished Navy career before and during WWII. In 1947, he has appointed the last Viceroy of India, to give Independence to the people, and end a century of British Rule. Made Earl Mountbatten in 1947, he was the uncle of the Duke of Edinburgh and the brother of Queen Louise of Sweden. Lord Mountbatten was the mentor of the Prince of Wales until his assassinated by the IRA in 1979. Click HERE to see British and Greek Royals attending the Premiere of the series in 1968 at the Imperial War Museum.

Episode 1- The King’s Ships Were at Sea (1900–1917)

Episode 2- The Kings Depart (1917–1922)

Episode 3- Azure Main (1922–1936)

Episode 4- The Stormy Winds (1936–1941)

Episode 5- United We Conquer (1941–1943)

Episode 6- The Imperial Enemy

Episode 7- The March to Victory

Episode 8- The Meaning of Victory (1945–1947)

Episode 9- The Last Viceroy

Episode 10- Fresh Fields (1947–1955)

Episode 11- Full Circle (1955–1965)

Episode 12- A Man of This Century (1900–1968)

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