The Aristocracy

The British Aristocracy has experienced more upheaval in the last century than ever before in its long and proud history. The BBC series, ‘The Aristocracy’, examines at the life and decline of British Aristocracy from 1875 to 1997, featuring exclusive interviews with a host of illustrious Aristocrats.

Among those interviewed were the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, the Marquess of Anglesey, the Marquess of Hertford, the Marchioness of Aberdeen, the Earl of St Germans, the Earl and Countess of Wemyss and March, the Earl of Lichfield, Lady Mairi Burry, Sir Tatton Sykes, Sir Josslyn Gore-Booth, and Sir Charles Wolseley.

The Aristocracy – Born to Rule 1875-1914

The Aristocracy – Never the Same Again 1919-1945

The Aristocracy – Letting in the Hoi Polloi: 1945-1970

The Aristocracy – Survival of the Fittest 1970-1997


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