Infanta Cristina’s Sapphire Suite

Happy Birthday to Infanta Cristina of Spain, who turns 57 today! The disgraced sister of King Felipe VI, the Infanta was a working member of the Spanish Royal family for almost three decades until she was set aside, due to her husband’s conviction for corruption. Throughout the years, Cristina amassed an interesting jewellery collection, with some heirloom jewels, namely her Grandmother’s Emerald Brooch, as well as some modern suites. To mark the day, we are featuring one of those modern acquisitions: the Sapphire Parure! Continue reading

Queen Fabiola’s Diamond Sautoir

Today marks the anniversary of the birth of the late Queen Fabiola of the Belgians, daughter of the Marquess and Marchioness of Casa Riera, Fabiola de Mora y Aragón was born on this day in Spain in 1928! While she did not had access to a massive family jewellery collection, like the ones of her counterparts, the Queen was able to assemble a decent collection throughout the decades, result of several acquisitions and gifts from her husband, King Baudouin, as well as some official gifts. To mark the day, we are featuring her Art-Déco Diamond Sautoir! Continue reading

Royal Dinner at the Hotel Grande Bretagne in Athens, 1962

60 years ago, in May 1962, European Royalty and Aristocracy gathered in the city of Athens for a week full of celebrations, culminating in the Catholic and Orthodox Wedding Ceremonies of Juan Carlos, Prince of Asturias, and Princess Sofia of Greece and Denmark. On one of the evenings, the distinguished guests enjoyed a Soirée at the Hotel Grande Bretagne, where many of the Royals were staying for the week.

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Royals at the Seville Fair 

This week, the traditional Feria de Abril takes place in the city of Seville. One of the most relevant popular events in Spain, remarkable for the entrenched traditions, the music, the dressing, the bullfights, the vivid colours and the joy, it has attracted millions of visitors throughout the decades. Besides the masses, the Fair has also been visited by worldwide known stars, Hollywood actors, American socialites, as well as Aristocracy and Royalty. To mark the occasion, we are reviewing some of this distinguished royal guests! Continue reading

Duchess of Windsor’s Emerald Necklace

Today mark the Anniversary of the Death of Wallis Simpson, the Duchess of Windsor, who died on this day in 1986! The twice-divorced American whose long-standing affair with King Edward VIII led to the 1936 abdication crisis in Britain. Wallis, later styled as the Duchess of Windsor, after marrying ex-King Edward VIII in June 1937 in France, did not posses any tiara but was no stranger to jewels, having amassed a magnificent collection throughout her life, so to mark the anniversary, we are featuring her Emerald Necklace! Continue reading

Queen Victoria Eugenie’s Cartier Garland Bandeau

Today marks the Anniversary of the Death of Queen Victoria Eugenie of Spain, who died on this day in 1969! Queen Ena had a splendid jewellery collection, full of family heirlooms and contemporary acquisitions and commissions. Many of her jewels remain with the Spanish Royal Family, and are now worn by Queen Sofia and Queen Letizia but today we are featuring an exquisite piece whose fate and current whereabouts remain unknown: her Cartier Garland Bandeau!

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