Earl of Wessex

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Happy Birthday to Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, youngest child of Queen Elizabeth II and The Duke of Edinburgh, who turns 53 today. Born in 1964 at Buckingham Palace, he was educated in the UK and spent his Gap Year in New Zealand. Interested in theatrical production, in 1993, he formed Ardent Productions, a television production company. However, it was unsuccessful and was eventually liquidated in 2009. In 1999, Prince Edward married Sophie Rhys-Jones in Windsor, and was made Earl of Wessex the same day. It was announced that they will eventually become the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh. The couple have two children: Lady Louise Windsor (13), and Viscount Severn (9). The Earl and Countess of Wessex undertake a busy schedule of engagements in support of the Queen. They are especially involved in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme.

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