Princess of Asturias’ 18th Birthday Dinner

The Spanish Royal Family celebrated the Princess of Asturias’ 18th Birthday with a Dinner hosted by King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia at the El Pardo Palace in Madrid, following a Ceremony at the Cortes Generales and a Lunch at the Royal Palace of Madrid.

In the evening, King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia (wearing Queen Victoria Eugenie’s Diamond Earrings and Diamond Bracelets from the Joyas de Pasar) with Infanta Sofia

King Juan Carlos

Queen Sofia

Queen Anne-Marie of Greece and Princess Alexia

Infanta Elena and Infanta Cristina

Princess Irene of Greece

Princess Miriam al-Ghazi of Jordan, Dowager Princess of Turnovo with Hereditary Prince Boris and Prince Beltran

Prince Kubrat and Princess Carla of Bulgaria

Princess Kalina of Bulgaria

Princess Tatiana Radziwiłł

Duke and Duchess of Calabria

Princess Anne, Duchess of Calabria

In the morning, accompanied by King Felipe VI, Queen Letizia (wearing her Bulgari Earrings), and Infanta Sofia, the Princess of Asturias (wearing the Order of the Golden Fleece) rode in a spectacular Procession through the streets of Madrid to the Congreso de los Diputados, where they reviewed the Guard of Honour.

The Princess of Asturias swore an Oath to the Spanish Constitution before the Cortes Generales, upon reaching the age of majority, according to article 61.2 of the Spanish Constitution:

I swear to faithfully perform my duties, to observe and ensure that the Constitution and the laws are kept, to respect the rights of citizens and the autonomous communities and to be faithful to the King”

After the swearing to the Constitution, the Princess of Asturias received the medals of The Congress and The Senate, before the Royal Family watched the Military Parade ahead of their Return to the Royal Palace in a Procession.

Upon their return, the Princess of Asturias received the ‘Collar of the Order of Charles III’ at the Royal Palace of Madrid, followed by a Luncheon with representatives of the highest authorities of the State. The Princess gave a speech:

On turning 18 today, and reaching the age of majority, I have taken the oath provided for in our Constitution. I have sworn to faithfully carry out my duties, to keep and ensure that the Constitution and the laws are kept, to respect the rights of citizens and the autonomous communities, as well as fidelity to the King.

From today I owe myself to all Spaniards, whom I will serve at all times with respect and loyalty. There is no greater pride. On this very important day – which I will always remember with emotion – I ask you to trust me, as I have put all my trust in our future, in the future of Spain

I have solemnly, formally and publicly committed myself to our democratic principles and our constitutional values, which I fully assume. And I have assumed a great responsibility towards Spain before the Cortes Generales, which I hope to reciprocate with the greatest dignity and with the best example

I have also sworn an oath of fidelity to the King. Not only to his person, but also to what the Crown symbolizes and represents: the unity and permanence of Spain. I remember very well what my father, the King, told me when he awarded me the Golden Fleece:

You will be permanently guided by the Constitution, complying with it and observing it, you will serve Spain with humility and aware of your institutional position.’

These are words that I will keep in mind at all times

Spanish Fleur-de-Lys Tiara

Spanish Floral Tiara

Prussian Diamond Tiara

Queen Victoria Eugenie’s Cartier Pearl Tiara

Queen Maria Christina’s Loop Tiara

Mellerio Shell Tiara

Ansorena Fleur de Lys Tiara

The Joyas de Pasar

Queen Victoria Eugenie’s Diamond Earrings

Queen Victoria Eugenie’s Diamond Bracelets

Queen Sofia’s Wedding Necklace

Queen Sofia’s Emerald Parure

Queen Sofia’s Sapphire Parure

Queen Sofia’s Ruby Dove Parure

Queen Sofia’s Diamond Flower Brooch

Queen Sofia’s Omani Diamond Suite

Spanish Royal Tiaras

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