Princess Miriam al-Ghazi of Jordan, Dowager Princess of Turnovo

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Happy Birthday to Crown Princess Miriam of Bulgaria, the Dowager Princess of Turnovo! Born Doña Miriam Ungría y López, she is the daughter of Don Bernardo Ungría y Goiburu, honorary president of the Colegio Heráldico de España y de las Indias and author of Los Títulos Nobiliarios Utilizados Como Distantivos Comerciales, and Doña María del Carmen López y Oleaga. Raised and educated in Spain, in 1996, she married Crown Prince Kardam of Bulgaria, Prince of Turnovo, the eldest son and Heir of Tsar Simeon II and Tsaritsa Margarita of Bulgaria. The couple have two sons, Prince Boris, the Prince of Tarnovo, and Prince Beltrán. In 2008, the couple were severely injured after a car crash in Madrid, and while Crown Princess Miriam recovered, the Crown Prince suffered cranial fractures, lost both hands, and went into a coma, passing away in hospital in Madrid in 2015. Crown Princess Miriam is a jewelry designer & gemmologist, and continues to reside in Spain, though she attends some Royal events, including the Royal Bridges Convergence and Tsar Simeon’s 80th Birthday. We wish HRH a very Happy Birthday and Many happy Returns!

UPDATE: In 2022, Princess Miriam married Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad of Jordan, a cousin of King Abdullah II.

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