Queen Letizia’s Aquamarine Earrings

Happy Birthday to Infanta Leonor, The Princess of Asturias, who turns 18 today! The Heir to the Spanish Throne, who is set to become the first Spanish Queen Regnant since 1862, is expected to soon start wearing the impressive pieces from the Family’s Jewellery Collection. Today we are featuring the most substantial piece that HRH has already borrowed from her mother’s Jewellery Collection, the Aquamarine Drop Earrings!

Eighteen years ago, on October 31st, 2005, Don Felipe and Doña Letizia became parents for the first time. The now-Queen Letizia of Spain gave Birth to a beautiful baby daughter, who was named Leonor. To mark this important occasion, the mother of the little Infanta received some jewellery pieces as gifts, including a pair of earrings, consisting of two hoops studded with aquamarines interspersed by diamonds, which hold two pendants with two drop-shaped aquamarines. They were commissioned by Prince Felipe to Joyería Aldao (Madrid) and given to Princess Letizia on the day of the Birth of the Infanta.

Since then, several theories have arisen concerning the source of such gift.The most solid, frequently repeated by the press, states that they were given by Bulgari itself to the then Princess Letizia on the occasion of the Birth of the Infanta. Others state that they were given by Don Felipe. Bulgari also created the spectacular Tiara of Queen Victoria Eugenie’s Aquamarine Parure in the late 1930s.

Princess Letizia would debut her Aquamarine Drop Earrings the following year, being one of the first occasions the Silver Wedding Anniversary of the Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg, on which HRH paired them with a chain necklace suspending an impressive emerald-cut aquamarine not seen since that occasion.

Since then, the Aquamarine Drop Earrings have become one of Doña Letizia’s firm favourites, one of her most worn pieces. They have been worn extensively during her tenure as Princess of Asturias, as well as after becoming Queen of Spain in 2014. The Queen wear them for both daytime events, namely Pascua Militar in 2018, the Diplomatic Reception at the Royal Palace of Madrid in 2020 and the Spanish National Day Celebrations in 2021, as well as evening events, such as a Dinner offered in honour of the Chinese President and First Lady in 2018.

The Aquamarine Earrings can also be worn in a shorter version, as the pear-shaped aquamarines can be easily removed.  Queen Letizia has worn the Diamond and Aquamarine hoops on many occasions, namely for the Portuguese State Visit to Spain in 2018, for the Pascua Militar in 2022, or the Spanish State Visit to Germany in 2022.

Earlier this month, for the Delivery Ceremony of the 2023 Edition of the Princess of Asturias’ Awards, Princess Leonor has borrowed her mother’s Aquamarine Drop Earrings. A very appropriate choice, as they really made her deep blue eyes stand out, reminding us of the story of her great-great grandmother, Queen Victoria Eugenie, and her treasured Aquamarine Parure.

This article was written by assistant editor, David Rato, who runs the Spanish Royal Jewels account on Instagram!


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