Princess Alexandra’s Pearl Earrings

Happy Birthday to Flora Vesterberg née Ogilvy, who turns 27 today! The daughter of James and Julia Ogilvy and granddaughter of Princess Alexandra of Kent, the Hon. Lady Ogilvy, Flora received a Masters Degree in History of Art from The Courtauld Institute of Art, with her area of expertise in contemporary and modern art. She is an Ambassador of the Victoria and Albert Museum and a Contributor to Vogue Magazine. To mark Flora’s Birthday today, we are featuring Princess Alexandra’s Pearl Earrings, which have been worn twice by Flora recently!

Ogilvy Tiara | Princess Alexandra’s Pearl Earrings

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Consisting of a small pear-shaped pearl in a diamond frame, suspended from a single diamond, the earrings entered Princess Alexandra’s collection around the mid-1950s. Of unknown provenance, the earrings might have been inherited from her grandmother, Queen Mary, or their modern design could mean that the earrings were acquired by Princess Alexandra herself. The Earrings were worn for many events and portraits, often paired with the Kent Pearl Circle Bandeau or Queen Mary’s Crochet Bandeau Tiara, and after her Wedding, they made a great pairing with the Ogilvy Tiara and also Empress Frederick’s Pearl Brooch.

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Princess Alexandra has worn her Pearl Earrings for many Gala Events throughout the years, usually with the Ogilvy Tiara and also with Grand Duchess Elena Vladimirovna’s Emerald Brooch Choker, with notable appearences including the Dutch State Visit to Britain in 1972the Dutch State Visit to Britain in 1982, the Polish State Banquet at Windsor Castle in 1991, the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh’s Golden Wedding Anniversary in 1997, among countless Galas, Banquets, and Portraits.

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Princess Alexandra has continued to wear her Pearl Earrings in recent years, usually reserved for evening events, like Banquets and Galas, but also worn for the annual Service of the Order of the Garter, after she was given the Order of the Garter, the highest ranking British Order, in 2003. The Pearl Earrings were worn most recently by Queen Alexandra at the American State Banquet in 2019.

Last year, Princess Alexandra loaned the Pearl Earrings to her granddaughter, Flora Ogilvy, for her Wedding to Timothy Vesterberg in the Chapel Royal at St James’s Palace, which was held simply due to the pandemic. Just a few months ago, Flora Ogilvy wore the Pearl Earrings again, with the Ogilvy Tiara for her Marriage Blessing at St James’s Church in Piccadilly. There is no doubt we will continue to see these Heirloom Jewels for years to come!


One thought on “Princess Alexandra’s Pearl Earrings

  1. These are beautiful earrings that go well with anything and at any event. They are just like Princess Margaret’s pearl earrings which are now worn by her daughter Lady Sarah Chato: absolutely classic! They will never let you down! Since Princess Alexandra’s daughter’s marriage was a bit (or a lot) unusual, I’m so glad that she got to see her granddaughter wear them for her wedding. Lovely!

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