Wedding of Princess Alexandra of Kent

Happy Anniversary to Princess Alexandra of Kent, who got married to the Hon. Angus Ogilvy on this day in 1963 at Westminster Abbey. The only daughter of Prince George, Duke of Kent and Princess Marina of Greece, Princess Alexandra is the only paternal female cousin of Queen Elizabeth II. Princess Alexandra and the later Sir Angus had two children, and were married until his death in 2004. Take a look below at scenes from the wedding- Continue reading


Duchess of Kent’s Tiaras

Happy Birthday to HRH Katherine, Duchess of Kent, who turns 84 today. The wife of the Queen’s first cousin, the Duchess has been attending grand royal events since her wedding in 1961. Here we take a look at the stunning royal tiaras she has worn to those events, some reflecting the Kent’s financial circumstances throughout the past 50 years. Click HERE to see our biography on the Duchess. As always, click on the underlined / highlighted links to get to the post about a person / tiara / or event.  Continue reading

Kent Festoon Tiara

Happy Birthday to Princess Michael of Kent, who turns 72 today. Born a Baroness of German and Hungarian descent, she spent her childhood in Australia and had gotten married and divorced to an English Banker, when she met Prince Michael of Kent (a cousin of the Queen) in the 1970s. They got married in 1978 in Vienna, and though Prince Michael lost his succession rights to the throne, they were reinstated in 2015. Princess Michael is an author, and one of her most popular books, The Serpent and The Moon, is about her famous ancestor Diane de Poitiers. The couple have two children and live in Kensington Palace. In honour of her birthday, we will take a look at one of her most worn tiaras during her tenure as a member of the British Royal family. Continue reading

Princess Alexandra of Kent

Happy 80th Birthday to one of my favourite Royals, Princess Alexandra of Kent, Lady Ogilvy. The Queen’s only paternal female cousin, Princess Alexandra has been supporting the Queen since 1953, remaining one of her closest friends and being a patron of over 100 charities. The Queen held a reception last month at Buckingham Palace to celebrate the work & patronages of Princess Alexandra. Continue reading

Royal Tiaras 2016

As part of our Year in review series, we take a look at the the Royal Tiaras of 2016. With the grand 70th Birthday celebrations of King Carl XVI Gustav to the guests at the Albanian Royal Wedding in October, this year has been filled with Royal Tiaras. Here we will look at the Tiaras from each country. This is by no means a comprehensive list, as we haven’t covered Japan or exiled royal families, but it includes events we have covered on this blog. If you have more to add to this, feel free to contact us. As always, click on the highlighted words to get to the comprehensive post on the Tiara or event. Continue reading

Queen’s Christmas Lunch at Buckingham Palace

Members of the British Royal Family attended the Queen’s annual Christmas Lunch at Buckingham Palace on December 20th. This lunch is held for those royals who aren’t invited to spend Christmas with the Queen at Sandringham in Norfolk. Since this is a private event, we only get pictures of the royals arriving and departing. It was announced that the Queen would be stepping down as head from 25 organisations at the end of her 90th year. Other members of the Royal Family will take over her positions.
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British Royal Tiaras 2016

2016 was quite a low key tiara year in Britain, compared to 2015, when their were six tiara appearances for the Queen, five tiara appearances for the Duchess of Cornwall, and two tiara appearances for the Duchess of Cambridge. This year the Queen and Duchess of Cornwall repeated their tiaras, which combined with the Spanish State visit in March being canceled and the Queen not making an outgoing summer State Visit, left many Royal Watchers disappointed by the lack of glitter. As always, click on the underlined words to get to the comprehensive post on the Tiara or event. Continue reading