Grand Duchess Josephine Charlotte’s Floral Diamond Necklace

Happy Birthday to Princess Alexandra of Luxembourg, who turns 30 today! The only daughter of Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg, Princess Alexandra has worn a plethora of important Heirloom Jewels, including today’s piece: Grand Duchess Josephine Charlotte’s Floral Diamond Necklace!

Featuring a series of delicate foliate diamond swags with a couple of large diamonds, the provenance of this necklace is unclear though it is possible that it could come from the Belgian Royal Family or be an older Grand Ducal Heirloom. It appears that Grand Duchess Josephine Charlotte was the first wearer of this piece, and she notably wore it for a Return Reception at the Akasaka State Guest House during a State Visit to Japan in 1999.

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Not included in the auction of her jewels, the Floral Diamond Necklace was inherited by Grand Duke Henri and most notably worn by Grand Duchess Maria Theresa for a Gala Performance at the Grand Théâtre de la Ville in Luxembourg, which marked the beginning of festivities for their Silver Anniversary in 2006.

In 2017, Grand Duchess Maria Theresa pulled out of a State Visit to Japan due to her fear of flying, and was replaced by her daughter, Princess Alexandra, on her first State Visit. For the State Banquet at the Imperial Palace, Princess Alexandra paired the Chaumet Choker Tiara with Grand Duchess Josephine Charlotte’s Floral Diamond Necklace, possibly belying a Japanese connection to the piece. However, there is no doubt we will continue to see this heirloom jewel for years to come!


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