21st Birthday Gala at Windsor Castle, 1985

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The Queen hosted a splendid Gala Dinner and Ball at Windsor Castle on this day in 1985, marking the joint 21st Birthdays of Prince Edward (youngest son of the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh), Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones (daughter of Princess Margaret and the Earl of Snowdon), Lady Helen Windsor (daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Kent), and James Ogilvy (son of Princess Alexandra of Kent and Sir Angus Ogilvy), who were born during the Royal Baby Boom of 1964.

In addition to the portrait of the four of them, we also have a special group portrait of them with their mothers: the Queen (wearing the Baring Ruby Necklace), Princess Margaret (in the Teck Circle Necklace), the Duchess of Kent (wearing her Pearl Suite), and Princess Alexandra (in her Golden Jubilee Necklace).

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4 thoughts on “21st Birthday Gala at Windsor Castle, 1985

  1. How young, fresh, and yet glamorous they all are! It’s lovely to see this moment in time and to think about what successful people they have all become.

  2. What an attractive quartet! They manage to look good even in the middle of 1980’s fashion! 🙂

  3. They all looked so glamorous! I thought Lady Sarah never looked better. Her pink gown was by Victor Edelstein – same designer as Princess Diana’s famous blue velvet “Travolta” gown. This was like the pink silk version of that one.

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