Princess Margaret

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Today marks the 15th death anniversary of Princess Margaret, who died on this day in 2002. Born the younger daughter of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth during the reign of her grandfather, King George V, Princess Margaret was the younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II. After a failed romance with Group Captain peter Townsend in the 1950s, she married Antony Armstrong Jones in 1960. The couple, becoming Earl and Countess of Snowdon, had two children, Viscount Linley and Lady Sarah Chatto. They couple lived between Kensington Palace and Mustique, living a decadent and glamorous life during the swinging sixties, which ultimately led to their divorce ,after allegations of multiple affairs on both sides, in 1978. By 2002, Princess Margaret had become a shell of her former self, suffering from poor health and dying of a stroke on February 9th. The Queen Mother died six weeks later.

One thought on “Princess Margaret

  1. The beginning of the year, especially February, must be of sad remembrance for Queen Elizabeth. She lost her beloved father in February 1952 and her beloved sister February 2002, almost 50 years to the day, followed by her beloved mother a month later. Princess Margaret didn’t live a long life, but she certainly lived it to the fullest. May she rest in peace.

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