Queen’s Christmas Lunch at Buckingham Palace

Members of the British Royal Family attended the Queen’s annual Christmas Lunch at Buckingham Palace on December 20th. This lunch is held for those royals who aren’t invited to spend Christmas with the Queen at Sandringham in Norfolk. Since this is a private event, we only get pictures of the royals arriving and departing. It was announced that the Queen would be stepping down as head from 25 organisations at the end of her 90th year. Other members of the Royal Family will take over her positions.

The Prince of Wales arrived with the Duchess of Cornwall, followed by the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge with Prince Harry in the front seat, and just a glimpse of Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

The Princess Royal and Sir Timothy Laurence was also there, along with her son, Peter Phillips, and his wife, Autumn, ad her daughter, Zara Phillips, and her husband, Mike Tindall.  Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie of York were also pictured. We haven’t gotten pictures of the Earl and Countess of Wessex arriving, though they probably attended.

Lady Sarah Chatto, daughter of the late Princess Margaret, also attended the lunch. Her brother, Lord Linley, arrived with Lady Linley and their daughter, Lady Margarita Armstrong-Jones. Princess Alexandra of Kent, Lady Ogilvy arrived with her son, James. The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester were also present.

The Duke and Duchess of Kent arrived with their grand daughter, Lady Marina Windsor, while Lady Amelia arrived alone. Prince and Princess Micheal of Kent were accompanied by their daughter, Lady Gabriella Windsor, while their son and daughter-in-law, Lord & Lady Frederick arrived together. The Earl of St. Andrew’s, Lady Helen Taylor, and Lord Nicholas Windsor also attended with their respective spouses.

Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 8.18.17 AM.png

For more information, check out:

Daily Mail 


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