Princess Margaret’s Ruby Girandole Earrings

Today marks the Anniversary of the Death of Princess Margaret, the Queen’s late sister, who died on this day in 2002. As one of the leading members of the Royal Century for her entire life, the late Princess had a huge jewelry collection, including today’s Ruby Girandole Earrings-

Featuring large pearl shaped rubies in an ornate diamond setting, hanging from a ruby and diamond cluster, it is unknown how the Girandole Earrings came into Princess Margaret’s procession, though they might be from the famous Greville Collection.

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Princess Margaret started wearing her Ruby Girandole Earrings in the mid-1950s, often pairing them with the Halo Scroll Tiara, and even wearing them in her 26th Birthday Portraits.

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Princess Margaret continued to wear the Ruby Girandole Earrings after her wedding in 1960s, pairing them with the Lotus Flower Tiara and the Poltimore Tiara, though they were often worn for non-tiara events as well. She had relatively few ruby pieces in her jewellery box, so these Earrings were frequently paired with pink and red gowns, and were among her favourites.

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She also wore the earrings at events in the last few years of her life, most notably at a Dinner with former American First Lady Nancy Reagan. After Princess Margaret’s death in 2002, the Ruby Girandole Earrings were sold by her children at the famous 2006 Christie’s Auction of her Jewels, where they fetched GBP 54,000, many times over the estimated GBP 5,000 – GBP 7,000. They have not been publicly seen again.


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  1. It’s a shame that the taxman causes so many beautiful jewels to disappear. They were lovely indeed!

  2. It is interesting to look closely at the earrings and observe the subtle (and not so subtle) differences between them. The diamonds are often not the same size or shape as their counterparts on the other earring. This leads me to believe they are very old. And yet, it all works. They are lovely.

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