Queen Mary’s Pearl and Diamond Rivière

Today marks the Anniversary of the Death of Queen Mary, the Queen’s grandmother, who died on this day in 1953. While a lot of her jewels are frequently seen on the Queen these days, to mark the anniversary to day, we are featuring a jewel now frequently worn by Lady Sarah Chatto, the Queen’s niece.

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Featuring alternating collet diamonds and round pearls, Queen Mary’s Pearl and Diamond Rivière has an antique appearance, but no known provenance, and was probably bought at Auction. The Rivière was in Queen Mary’s possession by the late 1920s, when wore wore it in a portrait with her young granddaughter, now the Queen. It was also later worn for a daytime event.

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After her death in 1953, Queen Mary’s Pearl and Diamond Rivière was inherited by her granddaughter, Princess Margaret, alongside an important Diamond Rivière. The piece was frequently worn, often with a pearl pendant, at a plethora of State and Gala events, up until the 1980s.

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After that time, Queen Mary’s Pearl and Diamond Rivière has been worn by Princess Margaret’s daughter, Lady Sarah Chatto, often with her mother’s Pearl Earrings. It has been worn for evening events, but like on Queen Mary, the Rivière has often provided a glittering touch at daytime events. It also avoided the famous Auction of Princess Margaret’s jewels in 2006. There is now doubt we will continue to see this favourite heirloom for years to come.


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  1. I am so glad that this necklace didn’t go to auction. That necklace along with the diamond and pearl triangular earrings both Princess Margaret and Lady Sarah are wearing in the photos are some of my all-time favorite pieces of royal jewelry. They’re special favorites because they’re the kind that anyone can wear to a nice event but versatile enough to look perfectly at home at a white-tie gala. Perfection!

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