Linley Beechwood Tiara

This unusual tiara was designed by Tim Gosling for David Linley Furniture in the 1990s. It features a base of willow leaves underneath a top of carved birch leaves. The piece was commissioned by David, Viscount Linley, son of Princess Margret, in the 1990s for his wife Serena, Viscountess Linley.

The tiara featured in the famous 2002 exhibition- Tiaras: Past and Present by Geoffrey Munn. A picture of the piece also featured in the accompanying book. While being carved of Beachwood, it features a carved base of willow leaves underneath a top of carved birch leaves. The tiara must be relatively easy to wear because of the light weight of beechwood, as compared to diamonds and platinum.

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Lady Linley has been photographed wearing the Beechwood tiara on two occasions. The first was in a portrait taken by her father-in-law, the famous photographer Lord Snowden. The second time she was pictured wearing the tiara was at Elton John’s 6th White Tie and Tiara ball.

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 1.49.20 AM

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