Royal Guests at the Funeral of King George VI

Royal Guests and Relatives from around the world joined the British Royal Family for the Funeral of King George VI at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle on this day in 1952 (70 years ago), following a Procession through London from Westminster Hall to Paddington Station, so for the 70th Anniversary, we are going through all the Royal Guests!

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The British Royal Family were led by the Queen (daughter), Queen Mother (widow), Princess Margaret (daughter), and Mary, the Princess Royal (sister), while Queen Mary (mother) watched the Procession from Marlborough House, her London Residence. The King’s Coffin was followed by Four Royal Dukes: the Duke of Edinburgh (son-in-law), Prince Henry, the Duke of Gloucester (brother), Prince Edward, the Duke of Kent (nephew), and the Duke of Windsor (brother) as well as Earl Mountbatten of Burma (second cousin). Other members of the Royal Family; the Duchess of Gloucester (sister-in-law), the Duchess of Kent (sister-in-law), Lady Patricia Ramsay (cousin), Princess Marie Louise (cousin), and Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone (cousin), did not take part in the Procession and instead waited at St George’s Chapel.

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The Coffin of the King was followed by a series of Foreign Royals and Heads of State in the Procession, led by King Haakon VII of Norway (uncle), Crown Prince Olav (first cousin), and Princess Astrid of Norway, King Frederik IX (second cousin) and Queen Ingrid of Denmark (second cousin), King Paul of Greece (double second cousin), King Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden (cousin), Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, Grand Duchess Charlotte (third cousin) and Prince Felix of Luxembourg, King Faisal II of Iraq,

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Other attendees included King Michael (cousin) and Queen Anne of Romania, King Peter II (second cousin and godson) and Queen Alexandra of Yugoslavia (cousin), Crown Prince Asfa Wossen of Ethiopia, Crown Prince Hussein of Jordan, Prince Ali Reza of Iran, The Prince of Liège (cousin), Prince Axel of Denmark (cousin), Prince Ernest Augustus of Hanover (second cousin), Prince Zeid bin Hussein of Iraq, Marshall Sardar Shah Wali Khan of Afghanistan, Prince Bửu Lộc of Vietnam, Prince Wan Waithayakon of Thailand, Prince Muhammad Abdel Moneim of Egypt.

The Funeral of King George VI



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  1. How shocked many of these Royal Relatives and Friends must have been! King Haakon meditating with his cigarette, Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard looking shocked, and the strained faces of the Royal Dukes say it all. A terrible loss for so many.

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