Queen Alexandra of Yugoslavia

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Queen Alexandra of Yugoslavia died on this day in 1993! The posthumous daughter of King Alexander of Greece and Aspasia Manos, Alexandra was born when her grandfather, King Constantine I was restored to the Greek throne. She is the cousin of King Constantine of Greece, Queen Sofia of Spain, the Duke of Aosta, and King Michael of Romania and a first cousin once-removed of the Duke of Edinburgh, Princess Paul of Yugoslavia, and Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent. Since her parent’s marriage was morganatic, she and her mother weren’t granted titles until 1922. Princess Alexandra spent her childhood in Greece and Italy, before moving to London during WWII. In 1944, she married the also exiled King Peter II of Yugoslavia, and they had one son, Crown Prince Alexander. In 1945, the Communist government in Yugoslavia deposed the King, with King Peter and Queen Alexandra going into exile without ever returning to Yugoslavia. Penniless, King Peter had a string of failed jobs and multiple affairs, which led to the couple separating, and she moved in with her mother at the Villa Eden in Venice. They reconciled temporarily multiple times during the 1950s and 60s. In 1970, King Peter died in the US. Living out her final years in near penury, Queen Alexandra died in 1993 of Cancer, aged 71. She was initially buried in the Greek Royal family in Tatoi, and later reburied in Serbia in 2013.

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