Princess Ingrid Alexandra’s Ruby Heart Pendant

Happy Birthday to Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway, set to be the first Queen Regnant of Independent Norway, who turns 15 today! To mark the day, we are taking a look at her heirloom Ruby Heart Pendant-

Reportedly a gift to then Crown Princess Sonja from Crown Prince Harald around the time she gave birth to their second child and only son, Crown Prince Haakon in 1973, she wore this heart pendant featuring a ruby surrounded by three rows of diamonds suspended from a string of small pearls.

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In 2004, Queen Sonja gave her Diamond and Ruby Heart Pendant to her granddaughter, Princess Ingrid Alexandra, as a Christening Gift in a box decorated using a technique she had learned from her friend, Queen Margrethe of Denmark. Before she was old enough to wear it, the pendant was worn by her mother, Crown Princess Mette Marit, along with several pendants on a chain, a configuration also worn by Princess Ingrid Alexandra in her younger years.

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However, for almost a decade, the Ruby Heart Pendant has been almost exclusively worn by Princess Ingrid Alexandra, with notable occasions including godmother Crown Princess Victoria’s wedding rehearsals, countless official portraits, her grandparent’s 80th Birthday Celebrations, and most recently, the Royal Family’s Christmas photo. It’s just been announced that she will be confirmed this August, and there is no doubt that Princess Ingrid Alexandra will be wearing her Ruby Heart Pendant for those glittering events.

UPDATE- Princess Ingrid Alexandra also wore her Ruby Heart Pendant in new photos released on her 15th Birthday!


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3 thoughts on “Princess Ingrid Alexandra’s Ruby Heart Pendant

  1. Princess Ingrid Alexandra is such a beautiful young girl and I am so happy to see that she’s not averse to wearing jewelry. That ruby heart pendant is such a lovely necklace, and an heirloom to boot!

    1. I’m quite excited for her confirmation this August, which includes a glittering Gala, hopefully with all her godparents, Frederik, Victoria, and Felipe, all present!

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