Princess Ingeborg’s Diamond Tiara

Today marks the Anniversary of the death of Princess Ingeborg of Sweden and Denmark, the Danish Princess who married a Swedish Prince, becoming the mother of Queen Astrid of BelgiumCrown Princess Martha of Norway, and Princess Margaretha of Denmark and the grandmother and great-grandmother of King Harald V of NorwayKing Philippe of Belgium, and Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg. To mark the day, we are featuring her lesser known Diamond Tiara!

Emerald Parure | Boucheron Pearl Circle Tiara | Turquoise Star Tiara | Gold Bandeau Tiara | Diamond TiaraPearl Brooch | The Jewels of Princess Ingeborg of Sweden

Featuring a series of ornate diamond swags with a variety of diamond clusters, this Tiara seems to have been acquired by Princess Ingeborg in the early 1950s, when she had given her grand Emerald Parure to her daughter, Crown Princess Martha, and with only the Boucheron Pearl Circle Tiara and Turquoise Star Tiara, required other Tiara options. It was notably worn for the Wedding of her granddaughter, Princess Ragnhild of Norway, in 1953, and for the annual Nobel Prize Ceremony later that year. Pricness In

In the 1950s, Princess Ingeborg gave the replica of the Diamond Tiara to her granddaughter-in-law, Countess Ruth of Rosenborg, who wore it for a couple of official portraits in the 1950s as well as for the Wedding of Princess Ragnhild in 1953 (thanks to the wonderful Regal Events).

Countess Ruth inherited the Tiara from Princess Ingeborg and wore it at gala events well into the 1990s, most notably Queen Margrethe’s 18th Birthday Banquet, the Thai State Visit to Denmark in 1960, and the Confirmation Gala of Crown Prince Haakon of Norway in 1988.

Countess Ruth also loaned the Tiara to Princess Kristine Bernadotte, the wife of her husband’s aunt and the daughter-in-law of Princess Ingeborg, for King Olav V of Norway’s Birthday in 1978 and for Crown Prince Haakon’s 18th Birthday in 1991. After Countess Ruth’s death in 2010, After her death in 2010, the Turquoise Star Tiara was inherited by her elder son, but Princess Viggo’s Opal Tiara, Princess Viggo’s Garnet Kokoshnik Tiara, and Princess Ingeborg’s Diamond Tiara were inherited by one of her other children, who have sold the Garnet Kokoshnik, but the others reportedly still remain with the family. Lets hope we get to see this family Heirloom worn again sometime soon!

Emerald Parure | Boucheron Pearl Circle Tiara | Turquoise Star Tiara | Gold Bandeau Tiara | Diamond TiaraPearl Brooch | The Jewels of Princess Ingeborg of Sweden


4 thoughts on “Princess Ingeborg’s Diamond Tiara

  1. I enjoyed reading this interesting post. However, are we sure that the tiara worn by Princess Ingeborg and Countess Ruth is one and the same? I am not sure. The reason why I am questioning this is that it seems like Countess Ruth of Rosenborg was wearing “her” diamond tiara at the wedding of Princess Ragnhild in 1953 at the same time as Princess Ingeborg wore “her” diamond tiara. So, two ladies wearing similar tiaras at the same event.

    1. Thank You for your comment. I was unable to find a clear picture to Countess Ruth at the wedding but that was definitely something I’d thought about. We know that Princess Margaretha had a a fake version of her tiara to allow for ease of use, and I wonder if Countess Ruth might be wearing a faux copy of this or a different tiara? This tiara was a such a mystery to me because know nothing about it, but the elements are too similar (even if not the same).

      1. Thank You so much! It seems the first picture in my section on the Countess is from the wedding. This is a very interesting mystery and I hope we find it out, though it proves it was not the same tiara!

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