Princess Margaretha’s Floral Tiara

An antique diamond tiara that was worn by a French-Danish Princess and later by her Swedish daughter-in-law, who was aunt to the Kings of Norway and Belgium, Princess Margaretha’s Floral Tiara’s current whereabouts are unknown, and it is speculated that it has been broken up.


The diamond floral tiara in the shape of five loops was probably commissioned by Queen Louise of Denmark, consort of King Christian IX, but its first known owner was her French-born daughter-in-law, Princess Marie of Orleans.


Princess Marie of Orleans married Prince Valdemar of Denmark, a brother of the Kings of Denmark and Greece and the Queens of Great Britain and Russia, in 1885. The couple had five children. She was the maternal grandmother of Queen Anne of Romania. Princess Marie was photographed wearing the tiara in a series of official portraits. It passed to her son Prince Axel upon her early death at the age of 44 in 1909.

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In 1919, Prince Axel married his cousin, Princess Margaretha of Sweden, who wore her mother-in-law’s tiara for an official portrait in the early 1920s. She wore it to the wedding of her sister, Princess Astrid, to the Crown Prince of Belgium in 1926, the 70th birthday celebrations of her brother-in-law, King Olav of Norway, and to other royal events for the rest of her life as a Princess of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. Princess Margaretha died in 1977, leaving behind two sons, and with her sisters descendants on the thrones of Norway, Belgium, and Luxembourg.


The tiara was inherited by Prince George, the eldest son of Prince Axel and Princess Margaretha, who had married Anne Bowes-Lyon, a niece of the Queen Mother. Princess Anne never wore the tiara, since it was sold by prince George soon after his mother’s death. The tiara’s current whereabouts are not known.

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