Princess Ingeborg’s Turquoise Star Tiara

Today marks the 140th Anniversary of the birth of Princess Ingeborg of Sweden and Denmark, who was the mother of Queen Astrid of BelgiumCrown Princess Martha of Norway, and Princess Margaretha of Denmark and is the grandmother and great-grandmother of King Harald V of NorwayKing Philippe of Belgium, and Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg. In honour of her birthday, we are taking a look at her Turquoise Star Tiara.

A wedding gift from her first cousin Tsar Nicholas II of Russia when she married Prince Carl of Sweden and Norway, Duke of Västergötland in 1897, Princess Ingeborg often wore this Tiara in the later years of her life, and is usually pictured in the piece after she gave her grand Emerald Parure to her daughter, Crown Princess Martha of Norway.

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Princess Ingeborg often loaned this Tiara to her daughters, including Crown Princess Martha, who wore the Tiara for a dinner in the Norwegian Club in London in 1937. It was eventually inherited by Princess Ingeborg’s eldest daughter, Princess Margretha of Denmark, who often wore the piece at the Nobel Prize Ceremony and Banquet.

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Princess Margretha loaned the Tiara to her own daughters-in-law, Princess Anne of Denmark and Countess Ruth of Rosenborg, who wore the Tiara at King Baudouin’s Pre-Wedding Ball. The Tiara was eventually inherited by Countess Ruth, who rarely wore it, but loaned it to her daughter, Countess Désirée, in the 1990s.

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Countess Ruth later gave Princess Ingeborg’s Turquoise Star Tiara to her eldest daughter-in-law, Countess Jutta of Rosenborg, with the intention that it shall in future be inherited by the eldest son in each generation to designate the line descending from the late Prince Axel of Denmark. Countess Jutta notably wore the piece at Queen Margrethe’s 70th Birthday Gala, and we can expect to see it on her and her successors in the future.


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